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Why We’re Hosting Congressional Candidates in Our Offices on Tuesday, February 23rd and Why You Should Care . . .
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Humbly, my very first “official” job after graduate school in the mid-90s was working as a temp for a few weeks doing “clipping work.” What I mean by “clipping work” is that I was the on-staff clipping “service” for all things of interest to my employer. Full disclosure: I got paid (not terribly well) to do something I still like to do today – – read lots of publications in search of interesting and relevant materials.

Today, my coaching group members know this all too well (yes, I actually take one full day a month to lead and facilitate a group of business owners and entrepreneurs working ON their businesses – – it’s like “group-consulting” for a former management consultant like me – – and I’ve been doing this for several years . . . if you’re local here in the Orlando area, you can email me to get more information and get more involved).

Anyway, these members know I still have my “clipping tendencies,” especially when I travel. Recently, it was suggested to me by Tim, our teenage social-media wunderkind, that I (he) should be posting the articles of interest that I still tear out of publications by hand (I’m “old-school” as my younger employees like to say) to our Facebook Fan Page, sending them to our many followers on Twitter, and letting our LinkedIn connections know about these too (apparently the Timinator – – that’s what I call him for his ruthless efficiency at destroying the many tasks we give him – – is doing this with electronic versions of these articles – – thankfully for you) . . . so if you haven’t “connected” with us on one of those platforms yet, I suggest you do so you can take advantage of my complimentary “clipping services,” too. And yes, on cross-country flights, I’m usually that guy with his light still on while everyone else is trying to sleep peacefully in those cramped quarters.

So Why am I bringing ALL of this up today?

Well, there’s been the usual amount of “interesting” press lately about all things business, but there’s also been a tremendous amount of, shall I say “newer” and “more relevant” political discourse lately. More and more of my clippings of late relate to where we’re headed as a country – – philosophically, economically, logically (or illogically, depending on your point of view). And more and more of those matters are highly political in nature.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now (as I’m sure you have), you’ve probably noticed my concern (shared with many other business owners) of the ever creeping anti-business rhetoric (and realities) coming out of our nation’s capitol. This is one of those areas of high importance where business interacts with politics, and it seems to be going in a decidedly negative direction.

So What Should Any Concerned and Interested Business Owner Do Who’s Been Reading the “Tea Leaves”?

Throw a party, of course! Well, not exactly. We at MCC have rightfully become pretty well known for enjoying what we do – – working hard and playing hard, as the saying goes. Some certainly know of our propensity to throw one heckuva party. But with folks who desire an office in Washington, we know they can be a bit more subdued – – and we don’t want to scare them off. So . . . we’re throwing an Open House this coming Tuesday, February 23rd from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm, so you (assuming you live in or around the Metro Orlando area) can come meet those running for office in the Congressional district our offices are in.

Now, this won’t be some boring, lecture-fest, so don’t worry. This will be fairly informal and casual – – you could even bring your kids if you wanted. We’ll serve drinks and light snacks and give you a chance to chat up someone who might be representing us in Washington this fall (or still representing us). We have confirmed that 3 of the 4 individuals running will be joining us that evening (and are still awaiting word from the lone hold-out). We’ll give each of these individuals 3 minutes to tell you (and us) why they want our vote this fall – – essentially why they’ll make the best Congressman to represent the 24th Congressional district of Florida. And I promise you, right here, right now: if they go over their 3 minutes, they WILL BE gonged . . . yes, I have a gong and I’m not afraid to use it in the interest of fairness and time.

So that’s it. We’re throwing a “Meet the Candidates” Open House.

We’ll have Congressional candidates here to talk politics with you, which if you own a business or advise business owners (and virtually EVERYBODY reading this right now does) then you ought to be deeply concerned about what Washington is and isn’t doing to your business now and in the future. As someone once said, “The business of America is not Big Business, it’s Small Business” (though I’m embarrassed to say it was our current President who said it . . . I sure wish he’d REALLY understand this and ACT on this). Therefore, political concerns that affect your business matter, and matter in a major way. Sure, we all have constraints on our precious time, but getting more involved in political matters these days is vital to the future of your business. I hope you’ll RSVP and join us. It would be my personal honor to welcome you to our offices.

Dedicated to Your Continued Success,


P.S. If you don’t live in the Metro Orlando area, why not take the idea of what we’re doing here and DO IT in your part of the country? Let your politicians really KNOW that your business exists . . . that it is a vital part of your community . . . and that you and your employees VOTE. That sometimes gets their attention . . . but we both know it OUGHT to. Give your employees and friends in business the chance to “grill” your candidates – – they’re elected to represent US after all. And with all the anti-capitalism winds blowing in Washington these days and the gross incompetence both parties have shown lately, it’s HIGH TIME for you and me to do unordinary things . . . it is the only way to become extraordinary . . . the way to assure the greatness of OUR country.

I’ve previously written in this blog (here and here) about how politicians have a tendency to “be” for Small Business, while few of them really “do” anything for Small Business. Holding your own event like this is the first step in making them more accountable to our very valuable sector of the U.S. economy. Few things bother me more than career politicians so far removed from the real-world you and I live in daily – – so bring them in before they isolate themselves in the Beltway and potentially do us harm. I think you owe that to yourself.

P.P.S. Don’t forget that purchasing commercial property is still one of the best decisions a business owner can make . . . and that Mercantile Capital Corporation is still making that dream come true for business owners every day. Even with all the negative news about the banking industry, our total lending volume increased 14.5% from 2008 to 2009, and I fully expect us to grow even more this year. If you or someone you know ought to at least consider owning commercial property, introduce them to me right away by calling 1-866-622-4504 or emailing It’s never too soon to find the right lending partner for a decision this important.

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  1. Ces Lawton says:

    location of the open house?

  2. Robert Mellino says:

    I sent you a copy of the article in the Post saying that 80% of voters are against the new Supreme Court Ruling that I emailed you about my concern. I guess I am not alone. Can you do any video conferencing? I would like my college class to start following your comments and insight.

  3. NICK HAYHURST says:

    What do you think of the Recovery plan that was proposed where the CDC buys the first and holds the note under a forbearance agreement with no payments or reduced payments, until the economy or the borrower improves.

    Have you seen this yet ?

  4. Chris Hurn says:

    Tuesday, February 23rd
    6:00 pm until 7:30 pm
    MCC Headquarters, located at:
    940 Centre Circle, Suites 3002-3006
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

  5. Boyd Cochrane says:

    Hello Chris: You got it right! I will say it straight out! The current insidious plan is ‘Destroy the Middle Class and the America we all Know and Love and Replace our Current Free Market System with a Managed Economy Run by Unelected Government Bureaucrats’. Who needs a system which totally suppresses and destroys the natural human desire for freedom and produces a million shoes for the left foot only?

    I am old enough to remember VE day, VJ day, Korea etc., etc. I am seriously concerned about the apathy of the average American. I can only conclude the last several decades have instilled in Americans a monumental, misguided respect for government and a naive, childish belief IT can do no wrong. It is clear to me the average American has no appreciation or understanding of what is going down here! If you look at history in Germany and Japan between the 1930’s and Pearl Harbor you can only be struck by the similarity of ‘Group Think’ or whatever you want to call Lemmings who follow each other over a cliff.

    Many years ago I became aware of immigrants gravitating to government. When I explored this further I learned in their Homeland government was the seat of all power and that motivated them to join our government. By contrast, American power rests in the Private Sector. Government is told to ‘Get out Of The Way’ . The subsistence conditions of their Homeland was the reason why they immigrated to America. Now they are trying to change our America to the same subsistence level as their Homeland. I reject this totally.

    When I watch the poster boy and girl Conservatives interviewing guests who lament the inaction and wrong direction of our federal government I just want to yell out to them “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” Any American who has watched this tragedy unfold over the last few years and has an I.Q. around 100 could have only have reached the inescapable conclusion the current insidious plan is ‘Destroy the Middle Class and the America we all Know and Love and Replace our Current Free Market System with a Managed Economy Run by Unelected Government Bureaucrats’.

  6. Braudis Lee Pegram says:

    “P.S. If you don’t live in the Metro Orlando area, why not take the idea of what we’re doing here and DO IT in your part of the country?”

    Excellent idea Chris. I may need your advice on the modus operandi. Will let you know by next month.

  7. Chris Hurn says:

    Nick – No, I haven’t seen it just yet.

    Boyd – I know plenty of immigrants who are entrepreneurs. In fact, the studies show they’ve started businesses in larger percentages than the “natives”. Having a bureaucratic mindset knows no nationality or ethnic origin. Bottomline: we need fewer bureaucrats and more business owners.

    And, Braudis – that sounds good. I’m happy to help!

  8. Colleen Sharkey says:

    Thank you. I look forward to the event on the 23rd. See you there!

  9. Boyd Cochrane says:

    Hello Chris: I sensed from your recent message reply you perceived I was negative on immigrants because they gravitate to the public (government) sector. Not so!

    I agree most immigrants want to be entrepreneurs. My point is the public (government) sector is a magnet for those immigrants in which their homeland government was the seat of power which typically exists in socialist leaning countries. That mindset is totally averse to our strong private sector and free enterprise system. In a government constantly expanding that mindset quickly becomes a powerful tool. When that government is taken over by Marxists the objective becomes destruction of the private sector, free enterprise, capitalism and the America we know and love. This is how Tyranny is born. That is why I totally and unequivocally support both reduced government everywhere and expansion of our free enterprise system based on capitalism.

  10. Chris Hurn says:

    Boyd –

    We are in agreement . . . now that you clarified your position. Thanks.

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