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Whatever it Takes
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Every entrepreneur I know has a “do whatever it takes story.” This is usually an example of how they did what they needed to do to make it work, stay in business, or how an employee (usually an ex-employee) “wouldn’t do it.” I have this occurring as I type this, on an admittedly smaller scale. I’ve recently put what I call my “mobile billboard” sign on the back window of my wife’s minivan and my car for my local Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club® franchise – – yes, I could have done this with MCC, but with 90% of our deals coming from outside the Orlando area these days, I decided to focus on my local business. I already know the few employees who will think this ridiculous or “uncool”…but they clearly don’t have the “do whatever it takes” work ethic that will one day lead them to being employers, rather than just employees. Entrepreneurs – – at least successful ones – – learn early on not to allow criticisms to keep them down. Employees ought to learn that successful entrepreneurs are constantly searching for employees with this work ethic to mentor and groom.

And just so we’re crystal clear: WE at MCC were created to help America’s small business owners and entrepreneurs. We haven’t jumped out of the market only to jump back in, like some hop-scotcher on a schoolyard on a cool autumn day. We’ve proudly been your small business advocate through thick and thin. Associating with a firm like ours is what forward-thinking business owners should be doing now. Sympathy for Big, Dumb Companies is hard to find in the small business quarters that I traverse. The Big Banks got what they deserved. They probably DO need to be nationalized, gutted, and then resold into the private sector. Us…we’re just chugging along and picking up the pieces. Lots of good, profitable pieces, mind you. Hopefully, we can help YOU next. We will come out of this national malaise shortly…and I sense there’s a LOT of pent-up demand out there – – people inherently understand assets are “on sale” in this economic downturn. We’ll be around, ready and willing to finance your investments. Just don’t wait too long, or the best bargains will be gone.


  1. Braudis Pegram says:

    Chris, I have found that you have been on the mark since I contacted MCC in February. I’m preparing another loan package for you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Tech Entrepreneur says:

    “The Big Banks got what they deserved. They probably DO need to be nationalized, gutted, and then resold into the private sector.”
    Hear hear!
    I believe with all the chaos in our financial system right now, it will be a perfect opportunity for the entrepreneural spirit to thrive.
    Bring back the gold standard!

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