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We’ve changed the name of our Newsmagazine AGAIN!
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After a couple months of publishing The Entrepreneur’s Edge (MCC’s Monthly Newsmagzine), we began trademarking proceedings. Lo and behold, Entrepreneur Press (the publishers of Entrepreneur Magazine and ironically enough of The No B.S. Guide to Ruthless Management of People and Profits by Dan Kennedy, in which I have a chapter) has decided that they “own” the word “entrepreneur.” Now, of course, I don’t really mean they think they own it — they’re just willing to build an iron fortress around the word to protect it just for themselves. Sad, but true.

Here we are, an entrepreneurial firm — probably THE most entrepreneurial bankers in the country — people who share their very DNA (or at least their supposed DNA) — but we can’t use their term. Oh sure, we could, but we’d have to spend a couple hundred thousands dollars just to prove it. To us (a truly entrepreneurial firm) THAT isn’t exactly money well spent. So we’ll just do what all entrepreneurial firms do when they encounter obstacles: we’ll figure a way around it. We won’t let it impede our progress one bit. We’ll simply rename our newsmagazine . . . AND we’ll vote with our wallets by cancelling our subscription.

No, I’m just kidding. We’re big believers in learning from ALL sources, so we won’t cancel our subscription (at least THIS time) — it wouldn’t do much good anyway. We’ll just learn ALL we can from their publication and IMPLEMENT EVERYTHING we can from it so one day we can simply have a hearty laugh about ALL of this. Maybe someday, when our entrepreneurialism has made us such a Big Business, legal fees like this won’t matter one bit. THEN, maybe we’ll get that word back . . . for ALL true Entrepreneurs to use.

(By the way, if YOU have a suggestion on naming the newsmagazine, please send it promptly: Click Here to E-mail Us. We might even reward you for it. How does an American Express Giftcard sound?)


  1. Leroy Edge says:

    Go ahead and keep using the name. You don’t necessarily have to trademark it unless the other company pushes the issue.

  2. Denise Hoopes says:

    It is a shame that an entrepreneur such as yourself is not allowed the freedom to exercise a form of speech that best describes your intentions & expertise. I’m afraid you will loose to the greed of a monopoly with money.
    This bothers me greatly. If I were in your shoes I would work to reinvent the word entrepreneur. I would work to re-define the word. Heck, it’s about time anyway. Over the years entrepreneurs have developed everywhere. Take entreprenuership to a higher level.
    Laurence Vincent turned the tables on branding and brought it to the supreme level with “legendary branding.” Who now would want anything less unless they were satisfied with being inferior.
    As a “basic” entreprenuer (just like everyone else) I would love to be looked upon as a more advanced and seasoned member of this group.
    As my mind sizzles over this… the word alpha comes to mind. Wouldn’t it be interesting & refreshing to introduce & define alphapreneur.
    Once branded & established I would imagine entrepreneur would become obsolete and would be left behind out in the field with the rest of the manure. Imagine that! As our politicians preach, change is good.
    P.S.: If you take this on, don’t forget to set everything in place to “own the word.”
    I gotta run to work on my latest project. There are many people in this freedom loving nation to sue… for using my name. Smile.
    Keep in touch. I’d love to hear your feedback.

  3. jack parler says:

    I really liked your blog! Keep up the good work.

  4. Terry Williams says:

    Very good. I have bookmarked this.

  5. alex says:

    Great article. I will link back from my site. Please post more often if you have time. Thanks!

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