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Veterans and Small Businesses and Jobs…
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Veterans and Small Businesses and Jobs

There’s been a lot of talk about veterans lately. The SBA dubbed last week Veterans Small Business Week when it announced that it will waive some of its borrower fees for veterans in the coming year. And First Lady Michelle Obama was here in Orlando yesterday to encourage businesses big and small to hire veterans; to help them establish careers outside the military when their service ends.

I never served in the military, but I have the utmost respect for those who give their time, effort, resources, and lives to defend our country and the freedoms we enjoy. These men and women, no doubt, have skills, abilities, and attributes (leadership, discipline, loyalty, etc.) that are valuable in any business. I agree with Mrs. Obama that they deserve the chance at a career when they return from Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever they may have been deployed.

I’d enjoy hearing any stories you have to share about yourself or someone you know who served in the military. Better yet, I’d love to hear about any experiences (good or bad) about returning to civilian life and starting (or restarting) a career or a business.

I hope the attention and assistance given to entrepreneurial veterans continues and we see these dedicated individuals do great things after they take off their uniforms. Thanks again to all veterans everywhere.

Dedicated to Your Continued Success,

– Chris

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  1. Craig King says:

    I’m really finding a hard time getting funding to help me start my business. Can you be helpful in leading me in the right direction to get some funding?

  2. Thomas Barnes says:

    Hi, I’ve been in transition since I left the U.S.M.C. in 1986. I still cannot get a V.A. loan and the credit bureaus will not remove old outdated information from my credit reports .I have been attempting to create a business of providing housing to people who cannot qualify for conventional loans but pay their bills . I have not been much help at this point since I cannot aquire my own home.

  3. Helena Hauk says:

    Chris, my husband and I were honored to volunteer at the last weekend supporting (Team Red White and Blue). This camp and organization supports our veterans integration back into society and amongst civilians in a beautiful setting on a ranch just outside Rock Springs, Texas through trail running/hiking. The camp directors are civilian elite ultra runners working alongside Team RWB chapter leaders and camp directors.

    It was a beautiful experience. I am probably not beginning to do it justice. I copied in the links to both sites to share photos and their missions and stories with you as well. It was an inspiring opportunity to be surrounded by genuine, loving, strong and supportive individuals.

    Team RWB is making great strides and growing by leaps and bounds in providing support to our veterans. I recommend checking them out. I believe there is a chapter in your area (they are nationwide).

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you to our veterans and active military!

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