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Tonight on FOX Business News…
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I’m traveling back from a business trip in Connecticut today, and my flight’s been delayed. Since I’m stuck here for a few minutes with nowhere to go, I figured I’d let you know that I’ll be on FOX Business News tonight at 6pm eastern (assuming I get out of here sometime soon).

I’m going to be a guest on The Willis Report, talking with Gerri Willis about how entrepreneurs can create wealth and grow their businesses in today’s economy. SPOILER ALERT: I’m going to share some of the things I’ve written about in my new book, The Entrepreneur’s Secret to Creating Wealth.

I hope you can tune in to watch tonight at 6pm eastern, and be sure to pick up a copy of my book so you can get the full story on how to create wealth as a small business owner — I’m fairly certain my discussion with Gerri will be short and sweet.

The website for the show is www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/willis-report.

Now cross your fingers that they let us on the plane soon so I can get back to Orlando in time for the interview!

Dedicated to Your Continued Success,




  1. Suzy Granger says:

    Congrats Chris!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Suzy. Hope you check my book, too.

      • Suzy Granger says:

        I was one of the very first to buy it!!! I downloaded to my kindle.

        • Chris Hurn says:

          Thanks, Suzy! Be sure to review it on Amazon as well.

          • Suzy Granger says:

            I believe I did.

  2. Jim Armstrong says:

    Go get’em hotshot.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Jim! :)

  3. Susan deFreese says:

    Wish you the best – know you will be awesome!!!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thank you, Susan. :)

  4. John Tamarr says:

    I don’t trust anything or anyone on FOX…any of their RIGHT WING outlets. Be careful…they will convert you to a TEA PARTY CREEP.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, John. Yours is only the second such email comment I’ve gotten so far out of nearly six dozen.

      This is my sixth time on a FOX outlet. And each time I’ve discussed small businesses and how to help them. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC have never asked me to do likewise… actually, I’ve been “bumped” off CNN and MSNBC once each at almost the last minute. And in fairness, I’ve been on PBS’ Nightly Business Report once. Nonetheless, I’m at my phone ready to take ANY of their calls…

      I think any time I can bring attention to America’s small business owners, that’s a small win. I don’t think that’s a partisan matter… No matter which network I appear on. Hell, I even have a column (not as frequent as I’d like it to be) on the HuffingtonPost! :)

      I’m afraid the only partisan I read here is you… and that’s too bad. Small Business Owners deserve better… from ALL of us.

      • John Tamarri says:

        You are very correct that small business needs all of our support. I try to frequent them instead of big business as you do not know where the big ones send their money…overseas, etc? Hope you are able to get on CNN and MSNBC sometime.

  5. Tammy Youst says:

    Congratulations! And, Good luck!

  6. Sandy Ehmer says:

    (I am still depressed about he election…what a blow to the economy and small businesses…I don’t’ care what his royal highness says)

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Sandy! I hope you enjoyed my small segment and check out my book.

      • Sandy Ehmer says:

        You’re awesome, Chris! I’ve been meaning to get the book!

  7. John Batt says:

    I was interested until you said fox news.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      That’s unfortunate, John. I think any press is potentially good press and FOX over the years has had me on multiple occasions — almost as if they’re less “hostile” to a capitalist like me, than other media outlets (though I’ve done PBS’s Business Report and write for HuffPo, too).

      My personal philosophy is that I’ll learn from anyone or anything, irrespective of their political views. To not try that, is to be far too insular. My business philosophy is that any extra exposure I can bring to America’s small businesses and small business lending is a positive.

      So far, out of 65 comments I’ve gotten since earlier today, I’ve only had two snarky ones. The rest were well wishes.

      Take care.

      • John Batt says:

        Interesting how you viewed my comments as an expression of political views.

        • Chris Hurn says:

          Please tell me how you meant nothing “political” by your comments.

  8. John Paglia says:

    This is great, Chris! Good luck!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, John!

  9. Joe Aiello says:

    Thanks Chris! Sounds exciting!

  10. Brian Kamuda says:

    Thanks for the update Chris –

    Let me know if you’d like to learn how I help successful business people like you achieve their goals through the power of the Amway and my extreme attention to service and added value.

  11. Taylor C. Pancake says:

    Great news, Chris. Congratulations and good luck. Betamax is set!

    Please let me know if I can by you lunch or coffee sometime when you’re actually in Orlando.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      You’re the last man using that technology! ;)

      Let’s set it up, if you ‘d like. My staff can coordinate for us.

  12. Brian Lenahan says:

    Chris –


    • Chris Hurn says:

      I was, Brian. Just making a small joke. :)

      Hope you check out my book and let me know what you think.

  13. Jim Gasperowich says:

    Hopefully it will go well. I’m usually stuck in traffic at 6PM, but if I can catch part of it, I will let you know.

  14. Farley Helms says:

    Absolutely, I’m tuned in on Betamax machine…..

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Good to hear! ;)

  15. Amy Ogden says:

    Awesome Chris! I’m going to tune in absolutely – good luck!!

    • Chris Hurn says:


  16. Sheree Kilian says:

    Good Luck Chris. I will be watching…

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Sheree. Hope you pick up a copy of my book soon, too. Love to know what you think of it.

  17. Yvonne White says:

    OMG! Thank you Chris I will be watching!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Yvonne!

  18. Jeff Clark says:

    Ok! Congrats!

  19. Lee Plave says:

    I’ll be sure to TiVo it !

    Best – Lee

    PS – if you haven’t already, pick up your own jet, you won’t be disappointed

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Gotta sell a LOT more Kennedy’s franchises, Lee… And probably make a LOT more loans, too. :)

  20. Raul Candeloro says:

    Have a good one, Chris!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Raul! We need to schedule our interview one of these days. Let me know.

      • Raul Candeloro says:

        Hi Chris!

        How did it go?

        As for our interview, we usually do them via e-mail, as it’s easier for you to respond in your free time.

        Can I go ahead and send you the questions?

        Please advise.

        • Chris Hurn says:

          Went well.

          Fire the questions over.


  21. Krista Valentine says:

    Hello Chris.
    I’ll be happy to forward this message to Chuck and just left him a voicemail about it as well. Good luck with the interview!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Why, THANKS, Krista!

  22. Adam Wonus says:

    Calm down, don’t be frazzled, you’re going to do fine!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      I’m good. It was tongue-in-cheek. ;)

  23. Patrick Richart says:

    Congratulations man !!!!!

  24. Dennis Tynes says:

    Keep up the good work, Chris! You are an inspiration to your colleagues.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Dennis. That means a lot. I’d love to know what you think of my book, too. Take care.

  25. Robert Kaskel says:

    Hi There Chris,

    Perhaps you can ask when our government is going to seriously help small businesses affected by Sandy recover.

    There are over 1000 small businesses in the Rockaways alone that are still out, including mine and more than half are not likely to reopen.
    This is a serious and devastating blow to the local economy.

    Thanks for reading this.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      I wish I could have, Robert. I liken Sandy and her devastation to Katrina. I’m not sure why the media hasn’t exposed it as such: Obama’s Katrina. They sure jumped on Bush. Oh well…

  26. Amin Dhanani says:

    Ok sounds good. Thanks.

  27. Gilbert says:

    Honestly I’ve lost all hope. But I’ll be looking out nonetheless.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Buck-up! Better days are still ahead…

  28. Becky Thompson says:

    Congrats. I was a television reporter and producer at NBC stations for 20 years. I know where all the bodies are.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      You should tell me then, Becky! We’ll use it as leverage. :)

  29. Greg Salsburg says:

    Good luck.

  30. Jason Wiens says:

    Thanks Chris. Good luck,

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Jason. Hope you’re well.

  31. Andre J. van Rensburg says:

    Good luck…break a leg.

  32. Wendy Avila says:

    Good luck with the rest of your day, Chris. And thank you for all that you do on behalf of Small Business!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thank you, Wendy. That actually means quite a lot coming from you.

      I hope you checked out the book as well — you guys are mentioned in it. I tried to get Phil and Aaron to buy some copies to use as a sales tool for you and the rest of your team, but no luck so far…

  33. Mike says:

    Hey you! Good for you.
    I will watch if If I can live. I will watch it on the web.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Mike!

  34. Tom Bush says:

    Sounds good, Chris. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Tom! Maybe we’ll get some traction later this year on refi & FMLP again. Here’s hoping… :)

  35. Ann Rossini says:

    Good luck!!

  36. Gabriela A Loan Connection says:

    Best wishes. Wishing you a good day!

  37. Tony Conway says:


  38. Dr. Charles Martin says:

    Nice! It is so like you. Have a great time and do well!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Charley. ;)

  39. Jeff Singer says:

    Great good luck!

  40. Clifton says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for all the up dates, I had a couple questions about loans and was wondering if when you get time you can give me a call. my cell is 816-752-4564.

  41. Howie Appel says:

    Thank you, Chris.

  42. Mary Klappa says:

    I will be looking for you!

  43. Karen Blacik says:

    That’s great Chris – good luck!

  44. Lloyd Berry says:

    Good luck.

  45. Lou Principe says:

    Good Luck tonight.

  46. Karen Ballou says:

    Iook forward to watching….Need to get with you about setting up a meeting regarding Kennedy’s with Menaji…would like to see how we can move this business model forward with you….when will you be here in Ct…?

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Just got back… has been too soon to do anything yet. I’m there next between February 18th and 21st. Let’s schedule a meeting for you to come visit.

      • Karen Ballou says:

        The 18th works…..? Let me know a time and where..look forward..

  47. Steve Sills says:


    Thanks for the heads up and I will dvr Willis Report and watch you very cool and I prefer Fox over the rest of the sheeple..

  48. Joseph Smith says:

    Dear Chris,
    Good Evening, My Friend ! Thanks for the Update !

  49. Scott Seifferlein says:

    Awesome! Kick butt! Independent Thought and Definiteness of Purpose!

  50. Ken Rosenthal says:


    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, buddy. Should tell that boss of yours to buy some books. :) AND write a review…

      • Ken Rosenthal says:


  51. Rick Wood says:

    Boy, I am so glad that you made it in safely. The tornado / ice storm / locust were right on your heels. Go to the Peabody if you want to see your ducks in a row.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Rick! So many things nipping at my heels. :)

  52. Floyd Dillman says:

    Hi, Chris.

    Glad to hear that you are keeping up the marketing for your book and business. You’re relentless!

    I had an interesting lunch with the VP of business development for SomerCor yesterday. They administer SBIF grants for many parts of Chicago and one of my restaurant tenants is in the process of getting (we hope) another $50K to improve his restaurant / my building. And who knows, maybe I can find the right building that would allow me or my companies to occupy 51% so I could use the 504 program.

    Are you still participating in the Society? I miss the guys, but am happy to use my travel time away from the family for specialized training and learning that I’ve wanted for a long time. Am heading to Vegas next weekend to do the Target Focus Training, which is open-hand self defense. Fascinating stuff.

    Let me know if you are ever coming through Chicago, and we will have to make time to dine and catch up.

    All the best,

    • Chris Hurn says:

      I take that as a sincere compliment, Floyd, and i know you meant it that way. :) And glad to hear from you!

      I know SomerCor well, especially David (the Exec. Dir.). Let me know if I can help any. Good idea about your future property, too. :)

      Still in the Society — just got off the phone with Neil, in fact. He’s writing in Hawaii and just proposed to Ingrid last week there. We were discussing media ideas for my book, in fact.

      Next time I’m in Chicago, I’ll definitely let you know and we’ll hang out. You’re on the top of my list there.

      Take care my friend,

      P.S. And we won’t be climbing tall poles when I come to town either… ;)

      • Floyd Dillman says:

        Meant with all respect – you aren’t waiting for someone else to make you a success! That makes you very unique.

        And next time we meet, forget the telephone poles…..it’s all about food and relaxation.


        • Chris Hurn says:

          I know that’s how you meant it – that’s why I said as much. :) Btw, the book just hit #1, #2 and #3 in the top three Amazon categories for the book. Guess there ARE some book readers watching FOX news!

          And yes, relaxation and good food sounds MUCH better than 100-foot poles in the desert… or at least they felt like 100 feet to me. :)

  53. Debra Taplin-hunter says:

    Thanks, I will be watching.

  54. Greg Cannon says:


  55. Megan Wessels says:

    Congrats Chris!

  56. Gina Carr says:

    Terrific, Chris! I know that I still owe you a proposal.

    We are getting tons of press/blog coverage/podcasts/radio for my other clients. Busy scheduling them, following up, etc.

    Also, I now have a program that can give the book a big boost in sales.

    Let’s talk again soon.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      I WAS going to remind you about that little detail. Let’s schedule it and make it happen. I think there’s a LOT of potential for me to be interviewed by influential bloggers and maybe even share some exclusive content with them. Let me know soon.

  57. Bill Herrle says:

    Awesome… We’ll twitter it out.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Bill!

  58. Tony says:


  59. Jorge Gonzalez says:

    I will be tuned in chris, good luck.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Appreciate that, Jorge.

  60. Rom Parani says:

    Thanks for the email and good luck on your interview with Fox Nesw.
    I watch Willis report a lot.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      That’s great, Rom! Hope you get a copy of my book as well. Take care.

  61. Pat Ayau says:

    thx have it taped…

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Awesome, Pat. Hope you check out my book, too.

  62. Jonathan Colton says:

    Go get’em Chris.

    What are you doing later tonight? I live in Manhattan an would love to connect.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Jonathan!

      I’m back in FL already, but I come to CT (Fairfield County) regularly — next time is 2/18 to 2/21. How about sometime then?

      • Jonathan Colton says:

        Share the video link when you get it.

        Would love to see you are back on 2/18 to 2/21, will you be swinging through Manhattan?

        • Chris Hurn says:

          We’ll send the link to you directly. I can be persuaded to visit the city… :)

          • Jonathan Colton says:

            Got the link and thought you did a great job getting your message out. Very confident.
            Cool. let me know what might bring you into the city and we’ll focus on that.

  63. William says:

    Knock it out of the park!

  64. Eric Holm says:

    Got it.

  65. Ken Rosenthal says:

    Nicely done…

    Unfortunately she made it sound like you gotta be GREEN to qualify…i know you did a good job trying to give a correct answer

    Hope it got through.

  66. Dr. Charles Martin says:

    Wow, Chris!

    I watched. Very well done. Excellent preparation and getting your points in. Nice use of the book! Gorgeous.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Charley! Glad you liked it. Let me know if you want to interview me for one of your monthly calls.

  67. Natvar Nana says:

    Sorry I was unable to catch the presentation.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      No worries, I’ll share the link.

  68. Jose Torres says:

    Hi Chris, I was not able to watch it or record it but would really like to see it. Can you email me a link to the recording?

    • Chris Hurn says:

      It’ll be coming today, Jose. No worries. Thanks!

  69. Rico Pietro says:


    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Rico. Hope you check out the book, too.

      • Rico Pietro says:

        Please send me the link to fox, I missed it last night.

  70. Josh Pukini says:


  71. Ron Harlow says:

    Good luck Chris, I’ll try to catch it.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Ron!

      • Ron Harlow says:

        I thought your segment was quite good!

  72. Charles Randle says:

    I was traveling as well and missed your broadcast announcement. I am sure that you did your usual because you really do rock for our program. We are looking forward to your visit to your home here in Peoria! Take care,

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Charles! I’ll send the link. See you soon!

  73. Paul Elliott says:

    Great job tonight.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thank you, Paul. Hope you’ll check out my book, too.

  74. Carlene Julian says:

    Thanks for keeping me posted.

  75. Regina P. Brown says:

    Chris, you were awesome! I recently bought your book, it’s very enjoyable reading. :)

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Glad to hear that! Please say as much in a short review on Amazon or B&N. Thanks in advance.

      • Regina P. Brown says:

        I finally got some time today (spent all day of this “holiday” chipping away at my 30-item TO DO list) and I posted a glowing review of your book on Amazon. Nice job on the book and looking forward to your blogs and news clips too!

  76. Katherine Kieffer says:

    Congratulations!!! That is exciting & I’m happy for You.

    I have a question about SBA 504 loans. We are purchasing 2 commercial properties (Apartment Complexes) on the west coast. How long does it take (the process) to obtain an SBA 504 loan on a property where I reside & do business in?

    Are the interest rates lower or higher (mortgage payment) than a conventional, VA or FHA? What are the pros & cons?

    Again, congratulations on tonight!

  77. Danielle says:

    I watched the show, interesting what you had to say. As a small business owner you got me curious, I’ll read your book.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Danielle.

  78. Johnny Bozeman says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t get to record it….That really sticks, however I watch the little preview from what you sent me..,

    • Chris Hurn says:

      I appreciate you trying, Johnny. We’ll send the link out today.

  79. Mike Shelto says:

    Sorry I missed you.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      No worries. Link coming soon.

  80. Wallace Ferreira says:

    Congrats! Well done!
    I might invest in your book, let’s see it.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Wallace. Just type my name in Amazon and it’ll pop up.

  81. John says:

    Best of luck,

  82. Tracy Forrest says:

    That is why you have to make your millions so you can fly on your own Evil Corporate Jet..

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Amen to that, Tracy! :)

  83. Thomas Braasch says:

    I was not able to watch the segment on Fox due to another business commitment. Can you send the link? Assuming they provide one to you.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Later today, Thomas, I’ll have it ready for you.

  84. Gene Landrum says:

    Good going Chris. Was teaching an MBA class so didn’t see you.

    I am speaking to a group in London in a few weeks and then skiing in the French Alps and hope my legs hold up.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      I hope so too, Gene. :)

      I’ll send a link later today.

      Let me know if I can ever help in some of your “adventures”.

      Btw, Kennedy’s is going well — have 13 Clubs up in 4 states now and nearly 3,000 Members as well as another couple thousand regular non-members.

      Stay in touch!

  85. Alex Sanchez says:

    Thanks for the update Chris, please send me the link for the interview, hope you have been well my friend. Mary Landrieu is speaking to our group in DC in two weeks.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      We will, Alex. Coming later today. Stay tuned…

  86. James Gendreau says:

    Good job on Fox, I must say the anchor lady was a bit talkative and stepped on you a few times but overall, nice job on your side. This was great information.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      I’ll take that “abuse” occasionally, James, in order to get my messages out there. :) Thanks for commenting. I hope you check out the book as well.

      • James Gendreau says:

        Is your book at most book stores?

        • Chris Hurn says:

          Yes, but also online, too.

  87. Yvonne White says:

    Chris, Not only are you movie star material, handsome, you are brilliant! I enjoyed watching you. Chris, please contact me asap 404-934-2339. My company VonWhyreHoldings, LLC has a ‘greenProject” for you that will knock your socks off! Looking forward to hearing from you and sending will you my prosposal.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thank you, Yvonne. Very sweet of you to say so. :)

      One of my associates here, Justin, will get in touch with you shortly. I’m in meetings all day.

  88. Terry Wall says:

    I don’t watch FOX!

    You can remove my email address from your list.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Terry. Yours is only the third such comment I’ve gotten so far out of nearly nine dozen. Rather than go into too much detail, I’ll simply post what I sent to one of the other “snarky” commenters. And yes, we’ll remove you from our list.

      Here you go:

      This is my sixth time on a FOX outlet. And each time I’ve discussed small businesses and how to help them. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC have never asked me to do likewise… actually, I’ve been “bumped” off CNN and MSNBC once each at almost the last minute. And in fairness, I’ve been on PBS’ Nightly Business Report once. Nonetheless, I’m at my phone ready to take ANY of their calls…

      I think any time I can bring attention to America’s small business owners, that’s a small win. I don’t think that’s a partisan matter… No matter which network I appear on. Hell, I even have a column (not as frequent as I’d like it to be) on the HuffingtonPost! :)

      I’m afraid the only partisan I read here is you… and that’s too bad. Small Business Owners deserve better… from ALL of us.

  89. Anita Collatz says:

    very nicely done, appreciate your work

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Anita. I hope you check out my book as well.

  90. Natalee Binkholder says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch your appearance on Fox, but I’ll certainly look it up! I hope your trip is going well.

    Please let me know if there’s anything else we can do to be helpful.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Natalee.

  91. Damien Madsen says:

    Will do….great exposure!!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Damien. Check out the book as well and let me know your thoughts.

  92. Steven Chaker says:

    Nice Interview my man.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Steven. Hope you check out the book, too.

  93. Fred Drabick says:

    That’s cool.

    I missed it but will google it and check it out.

    I am preparing a pkg for funding for my next endeavor and will have it out to you shortly (7-14 days).

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Great! Glad to hear it, Fred.

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