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The Sky Isn’t Falling, but the Ground is Swelling…
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Groundswells occur, according to the dictionary, when there is an obvious change of public opinion or political sentiment. They tend to occur in the absence of leadership, which is exactly what we have right now in America. If you believe, as I do, that Manifest Destiny didn’t just apply to our ancestors settling the West, then our patriotic duty as Americans is to have some faith in the ideals that created this great Nation. This means getting back to basics — to the meaningful work we ALL do. This means starting new businesses, becoming self-employed, striking out on your own . . . just like our ancestors once did before us. Big, dumb companies have let us down, much like Big, dumb government policies. We were once a thriving nation of shopkeepers and farmers who valued self-reliance over government dependence and intervention.

We need to reinvigorate our innovative spirits and start striving again for those unattainable ideals – becoming excellent in the process. All of this means we’ve got to start doing our small part again in every small way we can. As we do, we’ll eventually regain what we’ve lost, but only if we maintain our collective sense of optimism about the future.

There are NO “unprosperous” times in America . . . just market ups and downs, industry contractions and expansions, regular problems to be confronted and opportunities to be simultaneously exploited. With this type of “right” mindset, you should be able to shake off the drudgery of the past month or so. NOW is the time when fortunes are made. The “get-rich-quick” guys have stuck their heads in the sand. The “weak” are leaving your industry and/or stopping their new Client recruitment (marketing). This means you should be picking up market-share and truly quality people, if you’ve positioned your business as you should have. When others all around us are thinking “smaller” in these “interesting” times, you should be thinking BIGGER — looking for BIG opportunities to take advantage of.

Most people sit on the sidelines waiting for that ubiquitous “perfect” time to jump in. What they fail to realize is that there is NEVER the “perfect” time, the “perfect” plan, etc. The “right” time is always NOW . . . but especially in times like these. Right NOW is the best time in a LONG time to jump in and take advantage of the opportunities that the irrationality of others is giving us.

Begin with once-in-a-generation commercial real estate buys, business acquisitions, or business start-ups. Let’s face it: it’ll be a LONG, LONG time before Wall Street regains our trust again. It’s time for you and those you know to better control your wealth-creating assets (this is why self-directed investing is sure to boom in the months ahead). Jump in and join me, with others as smart as us. Have the courage to proceed when others are retreating. Fortune favors the bold as they say. It’s time NOW to be BOLD. Our national character was once such. Don’t you remember? Let’s get it back again and be self-reliant like we once were. The groundswell begins with us — you and me.

And NO, we’re not “frozen” like so many other commercial lenders around the country — we’re definitely OPEN FOR BUSINESS. So email, call, fax, live-chat, or post us TODAY so we can begin increasing your net worth again through our SMARTER financing of commercial real estate.


  1. says:

    Thanks Chris! Keep it up!

    When people hear what my husband and I do, residential real estate and mortgages, we usually get a response like “awwww, are you doing ok?” and the answer is…

    YES, it’s been a challenge, I won’t lie, but as soon as we were able to step back and get a feel for the market and what needed to be done, business started rolling again! He’s closed more mortgage business in the last 30 days than in the first 1/2 of the year combined!

    If you think the market’s dead, you’re right.
    If you thing the market’s hot, you’re right.

    Which one do you want to be?

    Andy Tolbert

  2. Richard Lima says:

    Great piece, it’s obvious that the Liberal media is a little panicked. incredible how left leaning the networks are. All they had on the talk shows was drummed up negatives on the McCain/Palin campaign.

    keep up the good work. I’ll let you know when I have some commercial stuff to work on. Thanks.

  3. Nancy Domino says:

    Chris…love your piece. Keep it up!

  4. Quinn Turner says:

    Chris you nailed that to a tee.

    Best Regards!

  5. Matt Ferratusco says:

    I just read CEO’s Corner in the September issue of your magazine (and also read your blog follow-up to the article). It is refreshing to hear your positive sentiments amidst the hype of our current economic woes. Isn’t what’s happening right now just a matter of the market self-adjusting back to its pre-housing-frenzy state? It’s a cycle, and I think we’ll be fine. And it’s great to know MCC is still thriving. Thanks for contributing your perspective to the community, it is very valuable.

  6. Jeff Rauth says:

    Buffet was on the radio, or more specifcally a reporter quoted Buffet as saying “when the masses are greedy, be fearful, when the masses are fearful, be greedy”.

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