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The SBA 504 Experts Announce the Lowest Rate Ever . . . Again . . .
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In early August I announced that the 20-year, fixed interest rate for SBA 504 loans (aka SmartChoice Commercial Loans) had fallen below 5.00% for only the second time in history. Well, I’ve got even better news this month . . .

The 20-year, fixed interest rate on all SBA 504 loan projects has now fallen to an all-time low of 4.62%!  And yes, that’s fixed for 20 years!!!

Business owners who are looking for capital to invest in their businesses now have the opportunity to borrow money at never-before-seen rates . . . and you can bet the smart ones will pounce on this. With this rate, the SBA is giving business owners an incredible incentive to purchase buildings and equipment to grow their businesses.

Don’t forget: an SBA 504 loan combines up to 90% loan-to-cost financing with this historic, low, long-term interest rate. With just 10% of the total project cost down and a 20-year, fixed interest rate of 4.62%, this is every brilliant business owner’s dream-come-true!

I, for one, applaud this move by the SBA, and I hope this spark helps ignite the recovery in the small business sector. How about you? Leave a comment below to voice your opinion about the SBA’s action, and what else we can do to help small and mid-sized businesses recover.

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P.S. If you’re a business owner and are thinking about purchasing commercial property, or if you know of someone who is (or should be), let me know right away. It’s never too early to get matched up with the right lending partner. In fact, that’s the first and most important step. To get in touch with me, you can leave a comment below, email me at, or call me at 1-866-622-4504. I look forward to hearing from you!

P.P.S. Though this has NOTHING to do with small business wealth creation through smarter commercial property ownership, my childhood friend and former double-play partner (he at short-stop; me at second) has moved into a tie for 8th place with Hall-of-Famer Frank Robinson on the all-time MLB home run list with 586.  Nice job Jimmy!  600 is just around the corner and all your accomplishments are a testament to your tremendous work ethic.  Makes me proud to tell my kids your “story” as an example of how to make dreams come true.

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  1. Mark Steinberg says:

    What is the current 10 year rate. As of a few days ago it was 4.16%

  2. Lewis Burton says:

    Thank you for all of the great information that you provide on your blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mario Gonzalez says:

    Great news Chris!!!!

  4. Chris Hurn says:

    Mark: the 10-year equipment 504 loan rate is also now at an all-time low of just 3.68%.

  5. Jane Rich says:

    Excellent! Thank you for the update. I will do some homework on this for Loving Lambs.Have a great day.

  6. Becki Williams says:

    Is there a minimum amount for this type of loan?

  7. Arvind Shah says:

    Thank s for very usefull information. Please keep me in your loop. Arvind

  8. Charles Clark says:

    Thanks Chris. Does this apply to refinancing an existing commercial/industrial facility?

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