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Ten Thousand Jobs for Small Businesses
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10,000 jobs

Political candidates like to talk about creating jobs. We like that kind of talk, but we also like actually creating jobs. We’re really excited to tell you that we’ve now had a hand in creating and retaining more than 10,000 jobs (10,220 to be exact) for small businesses across these United States.

One of the reasons we’re so passionate about the SBA 504 loan program is that job creation/retention is a main component. It’s designed to help business owners create jobs though commercial real estate ownership, and that’s something that really makes what we do worthwhile.  

Ten thousand jobs is a lot of jobs, and that number represents a lot of people who’ve either remained employed or found new employment. We’re incredibly proud of that number and we’re proud of the business owners — the ones who choose to grow their businesses with SBA 504 loans, the ones who’ve defied incredible odds to succeed and thrive and provide jobs for their communities.

If you know someone who’s interested in owning or refinancing commercial real estate for a small business, let us know. We’d love to work with them to provide 504 funding or at least answer any questions they might have.

We’re here to help.

– Your 504 Experts

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