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The SBA Should NOT Be Abolished…

The Wall Street Journal announced last week that an upcoming special report will explore the pros and cons of abolishing the U.S. Small Business Administration. This comes in response to President Obama wanting to consolidate a handful of government agencies, and while I’m generally all for streamlining and simplifying government, I’m against what’s being proposed Read More »

We’re Growing Again!

There are lots of reasons why it’s easy for me to get jazzed up about working with small business owners, and one of them is that they are job creators. It’s a fact that the majority of new jobs are created by small and medium-sized businesses — the kind that we work with day-in and Read More »

Interest Rates Keep Getting Better for Small Businesses…
  • Thursday, September 8th, 2011 at 9:17 am

There may never be a better time than now for small business owners to buy already discounted commercial property, while financing it with the lowest interest rates on record! This is how America’s courageous business owners can better create wealth for themselves…and get our economy back on track at the same time. I reported earlier Read More »

The SBA 504 Experts Go To Washington . . .

I went to our Nation’s Capitol a few weeks back to ask for a handout. Believe it? I hope not. You probably know me a little better than that by now. The REAL reason I went to Washington, accompanied by our Senior Credit Officer, Dwayne, was to talk to our elected officials (and their staffs) Read More »

SBA 504 Webinar Replay . . .

Well, we got the video clip posted quicker than I expected. Again, this is a replay of the webinar I hosted this past Wednesday, and it’s all about the SBA 504 refi program for commercial real estate. If you’re interested in refinancing your commercial property with a 504 loan, or if you advise business owners Read More »