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So long, Mr. Summerall…
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So long, Mr.'ll be missed.

For the past five years, our on-hold message has featured a welcome from Pat Summerall. If there’s anything that can make waiting on-hold tolerable, we figure it’s the legendary voice of Mr. Summerall. We were saddened to learn late yesterday of his passing, and I’d like to take a minute to remember this world-class broadcaster.

If you’re a sports fan of any kind, there’s very little chance you haven’t heard Pat’s voice. He worked 16 Superbowls (more than anyone else), 26 Masters Tournaments, and 21 U.S. Opens. He spent 10 years in the NFL as a placekicker before becoming an announcer and was the long-time on-air partner of John Madden, helping to anchor the latter’s excitable announcing (“BOOM!”).

He was more than just talented, though. In the last day, I’ve read numerous retellings of how good a guy Pat was. USA Today and Sports Illustrated both ran great articles about Pat if you’d like to read more about the legacy Pat leaves behind.

We’re grateful to Pat for taking the time to record a message for us back in 2008, and we’re going to honor him by retiring it. You can hear his message one last time if you call in before the end of the week — I doubt it’ll be pulled before the weekend. If you have any suggestions for our new on-hold message, I’m all ears. Leave a comment below or email me at to let me know what you think. (I’m not sure we can top the golden voice of Pat Summerall, but we’ll honor him by trying…)

Dedicated to Your Continued Success,



  1. John P. David says:

    Chris, I will always remember the first time I heard Summerall on your hold message. It said to me: These guys are badasses! He is an iconic figure for anyone who watched NFL football in the 80s and 90s and he was a great golf announcer too. Finding a worthy successor will be a challenge.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, John. Yes, we DO consider ourselves rather “badass,” and we like to associate with other “badasses,” such as yourself and Mr. Summerall. Long live his melodious voice! 😉

      • Curtis Cochran says:


        I truly enjoyed Pat Summerall’s comments on sports. He truly had an insight on American Sports!

  2. Fred Cohrs says:

    Why not keep your current recorded answer?

    • Chris Hurn says:

      I think it’s a little creepy to use someone’s so recognizable voice who’s passed away. I don’t think that’s the proper thing to do, either.

      • Fred Cohrs says:

        Now that I’ve thought about it, I think you’re right!

  3. Bonnie Lee Lamont says:

    Prayers and hugs to all.. I am sorry to hear this.

  4. Vinny Muratore says:

    Yes he will.
    I can be your new voice.

  5. Mike Pfeiffer says:

    Enjoy your postings, comments, appearances. How about your brilliant little daughter as the new voice for the MOH device? She can read a script and have one of your tech savvy interns produce a .wav or .mpeg file recording for the device. I’m pretty sure it’s downloaded from a memory stick or flash drive. Have a good one.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      That’s a nice idea. She LOVES doing things like that. I’ll discuss it with her.

  6. John Williams/Williams Painting & Drywall, LLC. says:

    Sorry to hear about the Loss of A Great Man.
    You are in our Prayers. God Bless,

  7. Bruce Naylor says:

    A shareholder of mine and a famous Lake City boy. Great sports personality. My radio station owner has a contact with a library of voices you can choose from. How about Lou Holtz or Pat Williams?

  8. Carmelle Scott says:

    Sorry for your loss.

  9. Jim Rahman says:

    No one can replace Pat…Although I do think Michael Buffer would be a good choice!

  10. Frank Migliore says:


  11. Bhupinder Singh says:


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