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Small Businesses Will Lead Us To a Better Future…
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And I’m not alone in this declaration anymore, either.

I came across an interesting survey, which was a joint interactive poll by Zogby International (a polling firm that has been has been tracking public opinion since 1984 in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe) and WeMedia, asking: Who will lead us to a better future?

About two-thirds of Americans believe small businesses and entrepreneurs (63%) will lead us to a better future, followed by science and technology leaders (52%), government (31%), large corporations (21%), and traditional media (13%).

Now, while I’m not necessarily surprised by this outcome, I am glad that I’m no longer shouting this from the mountaintops alone. According to this survey, over half of America backs me up.

Notice that large corporations received among the lowest percentage of “faith”, if you will, with just one-fifth of Americans believing they will lead our country to better times. Yet, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, passed by our government — that only 31% of Americans have “faith” in to lead us to a better future — focuses on helping the large corporations, and not so much the ones that provide 60% to 80% of new American jobs . . . which also happens to have the “faith” of over half the Americans to get our country back in shape (I’m talking about America’s small businesses and entrepreneurs, in case you got lost there).

I know that I’ve already “bashed” Washington for giving small businesses the shaft again. I’ve also already given Washington seven solutions to jolt America’s small business community to create more much needed jobs in a previous blog. If you’re new to my blog, or just haven’t read them yet, then go catch up. Make sure to look over those posts’ comments. What you’ll read will be the true voice of small business owners in America. It’s time for Washington to do something MAJOR for main street businesses, not just the “too big to fail” folks.


  1. Sean Greeley says:


    I couldn’t agree more and we’re shouting the same message to all our small business customers over here.

    I guess if we keep screaming at washington… and loud enough… eventually this tide will change.

    Here’s to continued freedom fighting,
    Sean Greeley

  2. Rick Falls says:

    It’s sickening isn’t it?

    The saving of out of date stodgy immovable train wrecks with blatantly failed models of business under the guise of helping the economy turns my stomach.

    This is all going on while nimble flexible service and solution driven new companies go without needed expansion capital.

    It’s insane !

    Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  3. Mark Grimm says:

    As both a small business owner and an elected official, I appreciate your comments very much. While we have seen enormous job losses in the private sector, government jobs remain in full force. Small business owners need to get better at making our case. Most of us feel we are “too busy” to do it. The sad truth is, though, such lack of action hurts us. Small business owners should:
    – Let elected officials know their frustrations and wishes
    – Consider running for office themselves or help recruit private sector people to run
    – Support the ones that do, provided they are right for the post
    – Use their influence as civic leaders to influence others on public policy

    Small business owners have demonstrated the guts and savvy to change our economic system, we can change the political system as well.

    Let’s go do it!

    — Mark Grimm, president – Mark Grimm Communications
    Guilderland, NY Town Board member

  4. Andy Kron says:

    We need to provide help and encouragement to the
    small buisness owners who have been made to feel
    insecure by the lousy news that has been spewed
    by the media. These are the people that realize
    that they dont want to live off the fat of the land (that is no longer fat), people that want to
    create and control there own future.

  5. Rick Falls says:

    Hi Chris,
    That is one heck of a blog you’ve got there my friend.
    I’m one of those starved start ups with phenomenal promise and growth potential that’s being ignored.
    Thanks for the astute observations and bold directives on the blog.
    Take care, Rick Falls

  6. John Mason says:

    I Agree Small Businesses will keep our Economy Going Hey Thanks Chris I love that last publication i received last week. very good material. Thanks!

  7. Joe Welnack says:

    Could not agree more. I closed one of my business operations after twenty four years in business as a result of the great recession. While I didn’t go broke and left the game of free enterprise a winner, it is very tough to get financing for a new venture even with a nice capital injection.

    I personally favor letting the “bad” banks being taken over by the government for a short term. Fire the banksters (let them join Madoff), create a bad asset pool and sell the good assets off to responsible banks.

    Bill Seidman, a Republican who led the RTC has voiced this as a alternative to pouring money into “zombie” banks. Pain? Yes, but the bad medicine is required. Healthy commercial banks that eschew exotic financial “products” will be the winners.

    Joe Welnack

  8. Geraldine Simmons says:

    I agree. Growth and innovation have always come from small, lean, creative small businesses. What are we doing to loosen the red tape that stifles the small business’ access to capital? We should have demanded a portion of the bailout that went to the dinosaurs.

  9. Richelle Shaw says:

    Loved your comments on Fox Business this morning. I wondered if the scowl was planned? they should have you on more often.

  10. IndependentProfitCenter says:

    nice blog cheers

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