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We’ve had a “run” on our “Makin’ It Rain” Tour t-shirts. Many handfuls of people requested shirts, and we had only one handful of shirts to be claimed. It appears that the demand for these is much greater than the supply. To meet this great demand, we’re going to print more shirts. My dream is that everyone who wants a “Makin’ It Rain” Tour t-shirt will get one and wear it proudly. I actually dreamed last night that this dream came true, which inspired this blog post.

If you have absolutely no clue what I’m talking about…
…you haven’t the article on page 7 of the latest issue of our MCC Newsmagazine. Before you continue, go here to download the PDF and get up to speed. Oh, and here’s what the shirts look like:

Before we print more shirts, I’d like to find out just how many people would like to have one so no one feels left out. If you’d like a 2009 “Makin’ It Rain” Tour shirt of your very own, all you have to do is email with your request, and promise to wear it proudly. (It’d be even better if you’d send me a photo of you wearing your shirt somewhere out in public — maybe of your next visit to your local bank branch.)

The cutoff for shirt requests will be this coming Monday — October 5th — at 2:22 pm EST.

If we don’t get an email from you before then, too bad. Maybe you’ll be able to snag one on Ebay someday, but these Collector’s Items will likely be going for hundreds of thousands of dollars by then. (It could happen.) This is your chance to own the shirt that says exactly what you think about the recession, and shows off your commitment to success. Don’t dawdle and miss out!

Dedicated to Your Continued Success,


P.S. The fun doesn’t stop with these shirts — we’re also running a contest on Facebook. If we get to 5,000 “fans” on our MCC Facebook page by October 31st, we’re going to give away an iPod Touch to one lucky person. There are only three stipulations for this contest: 1) we must get to 5,000 fans by October 31st, 2009; 2) you must be a fan by October 31st to win; and 3) you have to post a comment on the MCC Facebook wall (this doesn’t have to be anything special, we just want to know you’re a living, breathing human with thoughts and feelings).

P.P.S. Tell EVERYONE you know about the Facebook thing — 5,000 is an awfully big number. (I’m not actually sure who came up with it, but it’s too late to change it now.)

P.P.P.S. And don’t forget to email to request your shirt before 2:22pm on Monday!


  1. Larry Frank says:

    Hi Chris, I think the shirt is just Outrageous advertising at it’s best!

  2. B.N.Patel says:

    Dear Chris:
    Thanks for the offer for a shirt.
    I am absolutely happy withthe service that I got fromyour organization and I am certain to pass along some deals to you as I get them.

  3. Gary A. Olcha says:


    I’d like to order a shirt in a 3XL if possible.

    Thanks Chris

    Gary A. Olcha, CCRA

  4. Robert Estupinian says:

    Yes, I will like to parade it around Northern California.
    With an unemployment rate over 12% you know this is going to get some mileage.

  5. Curtis Graham says:

    I would like one of your t-shirts. I really liked your video.

  6. Tim McDonald says:

    Would love one in an XL! Promise to show me wearing it out in public!

  7. Jeremy Greenwell says:

    I would like one of your 2009 “Makin’ It Rain” Tour shirts please! Large if available…Thanks!

  8. Cristiana Ungureanu says:

    I would like to sport your t-shirt if you would be so kind and sent me one.

    Thank you!

  9. Kathy says:

    I would definitely love to have a Making it Rain Tour T-Shirt! I will absolutely wear this t-shirt and send a pic of me wearing it! I’m excited about receiving one of these limited T-Shirts.

  10. Andy Stetzinger says:

    Biggest size ya got.. “Corn Fed” would be appropriate. 😉

  11. Jaclyn Strippoli says:

    I will definitely like to have a limited edition Makin it Rain T-Shirt. I will wear it everywhere I go and I will be sure to take pics!

  12. Troy Roberts says:

    Love the shirt! I’ll take an XL if possible.

  13. Jake McDonald says:

    Okay Chris Hurn, I’ll bite. SEND ME A MAKIN’ IT RAIN T-SHIRT! We’re making it rain in St. Louis, even though we’re not on the tour! Dan Eshbaugh is the man!

  14. Bill Molitor says:

    What a great ideal.

  15. Eva Crosland says:

    Ok, so I thought the rhyme might get your attention.
    I can say that if I do get one I will wear it proudly and hey, if you need a few crazy shots of where I do wear it. the travelling “t” show.I’ll be happy to oblige!

  16. Kip Bennett says:

    Hey Chris,

    We’d love to sport those shirts here in Page, AZ!! Here at Lake Powell Furniture we’re doin great thanks to the new building we have because of MCC. If we could get three shirts 2 Medium and a Large that’d be awesome for us the owners and our manager. Thanks!

  17. JacquelyLynn says:

    I’d love to have my very own “Makin’ it Rain” t-shirt and I promise to wear it proudly.

  18. Teresa Mandelin says:

    I would love one of your tshirts!

  19. Peter Cullen says:

    I would be excited to wear the T-Shirt proudly. I would like to request one.

  20. Nancy Petenbrink says:

    If you can spare them, I’d like three large and one extra large t-shirts for the men in my office who I am sure will wear them. We’ll even send you a picture!

  21. Howard Levine says:

    I would love a T-Shirt (Size XL). I will wear it with pride and point to it dramatically every time a banker turns me down for an SBA loan.
    Isn’t “fun banker” an oxymoron?

  22. Ron Okelo says:

    I promise to wear it proudly …and will send a picture.

  23. Tina Dettman-Bielefeldt says:

    Great shirt!

  24. Jim Paz says:

    You bet I’d be more then happy to wear this t-shirt in public… send me one large and one x-large if you can.

  25. Tom Shafer says:


  26. Joe Broder says:

    I would like to get a free T-Shirt sent to me I’m on your mailing Address list. And I will be talking to you guys soon about a loan

  27. Paul Quinn says:

    I’d like a t-shirt please—will wear it to all of my son’s traveling soccer games!!

  28. Dan Kurth says:

    I would be honored if you would send me a “Makin It Rain” tour shirt. I promise to wear it everywhere I go. Especially to the bank, or wherever someone might ask me what it’s about which will give me chance to tell them about MCC and the 504 loan.

    As a loan officer extremely interested in working with MCC and the 504 loan I think it could bring us both in additional business. So Send 2! 😉

  29. Craig Adams says:

    A office colleague and I really look forward to sporting this T. shirt around it really help change the mind set of a lot of people we interact with on a daily basis. Even the younger MTV video generation can relate to it as a means of money being showered down on people.

    Good luck on future business marketing and I look forward to sending you some clients.

  30. James Perrone says:

    Great Idea. XL please. This will get some mileage.

  31. PAT TENNEY says:

    Would love to have one and wear it in public proudly.

    This is a great advertising idea—but your company is always being creative.

  32. Chris Hurn says:

    All —

    Thanks for your interest! It never ceases to amaze me what demand there is for free tee-shirts!!! I’ve witnessed this at Orlando Magic games for years, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how many requests we’ve gotten in only two days. I guess we ought to outfit more of you, more often. 🙂 And if you send in pictures of yourself with your shirt on, we’ll certainly post them. Thanks again!


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