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Full credit goes to my favorite economist, Jeff Thredgold (who I interviewed in my Small Business Success Strategies® monthly teleseminar series back in November on his book, EconAmerica – more details at, as he recently made the following points below in his newsletter… which I liked so much, I thought I’d share them with you here (with some, minor modifications included from me):

Wouldn’t It Be Nice IF:

  • …the President’s health care plan would include two critical components not being discussed by the Democrats: tort reform and eliminating barriers which prohibit insurance companies from competing across state lines?
  • …teachers received more admiration and respect from students and their parents?
  • …more people would recognize that the U.S. recession is essentially over, and companies would begin hiring again?
  • …your garbage disposal didn’t eat better than two-thirds of the world’s population?
  • …”far left” liberals and “far right” conservatives would back off a bit?
  • …President Obama and the Congressional leadership were more focused on providing incentives for wealth creation and less focused on wealth redistribution?
  • …America’s silent majority (our parents and grandparents) received greater respect for the enormous wartime sacrifices they made to help protect the freedoms we all enjoy today?
  • …Jon and Kate were never heard from again?
  • …the Castro brothers would bite the dust and be replaced with a move toward democracy?
  • …we actually got serious about U.S. energy independence with a program geared to 1) conservation, 2) alternative sources of energy, 3) access to much more oil and natural gas in Alaska and on the Continental Shelf, and 4) developing massive deposits of oil shale in the West?
  • …American military personnel could see their families more often?
  • …more working people would save seriously for their Golden Years (an estimated one-third of the U.S. population saves zero for retirement)?
  • …the Federal Reserve’s upcoming attempts to unwind unprecedented monetary stimulus would be successful, with inflation staying under control?
  • …residents of the Middle East could get along with each other?
  • …”government” would recognize that it is there to serve the people, and not the other way around?
  • …American voters would send a clear message in November 2010 to incumbents of BOTH parties as to what is expected of them in Washington D.C.?
  • …energy prices would stabilize near current levels…one that works for both producers and consumers?
  • …the news media would run positive stories more than once a generation?
  • …the Administration and the Congress would stop bickering and take the modest steps required now to “fix” Social Security and Medicare for the future?
  • …fewer people were killed each and every year in the name of “religion”?
  • …American corporate and consumer confidence would continue to rise solidly in coming months?
  • …U.S. firefighters, police officers, and military personnel received our respect ALL of the time?
  • …our illustrious Congressional representatives actually knew what was in various bills they voted on?
  • …politicians were elected based on experience and ability, not on who can spend the most money and sling the most mud?
  • …the $787 billion stimulus program contained more in the way of real economic stimulus and less social engineering?
  • …members of Congress would finally recognize that reducing tax rates typically increases tax revenue…and increasing tax rates typically reduces tax revenue?
  • …the Administration and the Congress would get very serious about reducing budget deficits in coming years?
  • …America’s Vietnam War veterans would finally get credit for serving their country?
  • …there was a stronger collective effort to improve opportunities in America’s inner cities?
  • …our presidential campaign season was much shorter and less exhausting…for candidates AND voters?
  • …each long-term member of Congress was required to take a year off, start a new business with limited funding, meet a payroll, and then deal with the complexities and hassles THEY have created?
  • …Wall Street “high rollers” had greater legal and financial accountability for the financial market abuses of recent years?
  • …the outcome of many lawsuits was determined more by the facts and less by who has the deepest pockets?
  • …we didn’t have an $11,700,000,000,000 gross national debt, and we weren’t spending over $1,000,000,000 DAILY just to pay the INTEREST on that debt?
  • …incompetent corporate CEOs who drive companies into the ground were not rewarded with multi-million dollar “golden parachutes” to simply go away?
  • …”old fashioned” common courtesy between people made a big comeback?
  • …F.I.C.A. (Social Security/Medicare) taxes were less painful…four out of five American workers now pay more F.I.C.A. taxes than they do federal income taxes?
  • …primary and secondary schools had to compete for teachers, students, and funding — just like colleges and universities?
  • …we would all keep in mind that despite the problems and challenges we face in the U.S., this is still one of the greatest countries in the world?

If you liked this, please write/call in to tell me so – tell me which are your favorites. And don’t forget to forward this along to others and also to click on our social media bookmarks (Digg and others too) so others not in our “inner circle” might see these. Thanks again for being one of our valued readers.

And don’t forget that there’s hardly ever been a better time for business owners and entrepreneurs to buy their commercial property… we can make that happen in the smartest way possible. Just let us know.



  1. Kris Murray says:

    Wow, Chris, I sure do love this post! Especially the comments about Obamacare, the recession, and Jon and Kate!! Great food for thought, keep em coming!

    For info on how to kick-start your child care enrollment and marketing, grab my free CD here:

    All the best,

  2. Joe Tufo says:

    Great job as always!

  3. Ralph says:

    Right on the money!

    Also need to set a maximum amount that could be awarded for treatment leading to death. Say a Cap of $350,000.00. Must put an end to defensive medicine. Doctors must be able to focus on the tests and treatments that help the patient not on what will make a good defense in court. This and tort reform will bring down insurance cost leading to reduction in health care costs. You better believe the public option will not tolerate this legal abuse! Lets do it now and save the best medical system in the world.

    Edwards was a prime example of some one abusing the system for his own personal gain. Theatrics in court, distortion of the facts and playing on the heart strings of the Jury made the pretty boy able to run for president and afford his mistress. Only in America!

    Throat Cancer, Prostrate Cancer survivor.

  4. Mike Culhane says:

    Wow…couldn’t agree with him more on the wealth-creation vs. re-distribution point. I will have to check out his material. Have you ever read some of Thomas Sowell’s material? His book, “Basic Economics” is a must read for everyone.



  5. Braudis Lee Pegram says:

    Excellent post and food for thought, Chris. As a Vietnam Veteran I applaude your consideration; and I am working with SBA towards that end. More info at

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