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SBA 504 Experts Report Increase in 2009 Commercial Loan Volume and Have High Expectations for 2010…
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Now that the holidays are over and we’re into the New Year, we can really get down to business. You and I both know that 2009 was a tough year . . . and I don’t know about you, but I’m bound and determined to make 2010 an absolutely GREAT year.

If you go back and read any of my blog posts or emails to you from last year, you’ll notice that I developed a mantra of sorts. Over-and-over again, you’ve read that “MCC is STILL LENDING.” I probably sounded like a broken record, but I felt it needed to be said, and you needed to read it. With much of our financial system frozen, we continued to do what we’ve done all along: help owners of small and mid-sized businesses create wealth by providing Smarter commercial real estate financing.

In fact, despite the problems you heard about in the lending industry, we saw a 14.5% INCREASE last year over 2008 dollar volume levels! It wasn’t easy, of course. Just like everyone else, we’re doing twice the work to get the same (or half) the results we did several years ago. Most other commercial banks and non-bank lenders showed negative growth this past year, if they remained lending at all to this important sector. While I normally wouldn’t trumpet low double-digit funding gains, this is significantly better than what most small business lenders will report.

Things have changed drastically, but we’re adapting, and our Clients are thrilled about it. We closed a loan for Dennis Corporation in December, and here’s what Dan Dennis (their President) said about it:

“MCC was the only reason I was able to navigate through the difficult commercial loan process. Their service was exceptional, something that I demand from others but rarely receive. The obstacles to closing this loan were enormous. Before I first spoke with Tony Zara [MCC Executive Vice President and Senior Loan Officer], I tried unsuccessfully for eight months to find a banker who understood the process. Tony was the one that made it happen.”

If you are currently thinking about purchasing commercial property for your business, or you know someone who is (or should be), let me know right away by calling 1-866-622-4504, emailing, or posting a comment at the bottom of this blog. Maybe you’re a mortgage or real estate professional, and you have Clients who need Smarter commercial property financing . . . in that case, you really ought to call us as well, and introduce us to your Clients ASAP. Robin Kesler, a RE/MAX Select Commercial Agent, referred her Client, Carpe Diem Land Company, to us and we closed their loan this past April. Robin had this to say about working with us:

“My experience with MCC was amazing! As a former banker with an attorney-client-buyer, I am certain that Sean Filley [MCC Senior Loan Officer] and Angela Hardee [MCC Senior Closing Officer] fielded a lot of questions from my Client, and I know that they patiently and expertly answered all of them. I found MCC to be extremely competent, professional and thorough. They were also surprisingly flexible, but in a smart way. I am very impressed with the entire staff and I will certainly be referring new buyers. MCC gets the job done!”

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: MCC IS STILL LENDING . . . and we’ll continue lending to deserving business owners throughout 2010, come hell or high water. Our government may or may not figure out how to truly help small businesses get back on their feet or stimulate job growth, but that won’t stop us from doing the good work we set out to do. Moving from renting commercial property to owning makes good sense from a wealth-creation standpoint for many business owners, and I expect this year to be up even more than 2009.

To a Successful and Prosperous 2010,


P.S. In my next post, right here, I’ll provide you with reasons and even hard data on why America’s entrepreneurs and owners of small and mid-sized businesses should put “buy commercial real estate” on their 2010 New Year’s resolutions lists. Stay tuned . . .

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  1. Stephen V. Jacquemin says:

    I hope so!

  2. Ralph Savage says:

    I am a believer. You guys (Sean Filley) helped pull a deal together for a small office building I had listed at 633 Dartmouth St. Thank God for the SBA! A real life saver in 2009!

  3. lasonja ingram says:

    Hey my name is lasonja ingram I’m thinking about purchasing commercial property for my daycare center.

  4. Clifford Brown says:

    Chris, as always we find your letters and pages very fruitful, and enlightening.

  5. Benny Carter Fan says:

    Thanks! My Partner was just discussing Charles Mingus vs. Lee Morgan . This should prove helpful in the debate.

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