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Our Year-in-Review “Fun Facts”
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I’ve made it a habit to take some time at the end of every year to reflect on what we’ve accomplished — both as a company and personally. Here’s an accounting of what we’ve been up to this year:

** Number of Speaking Engagements (in-person or via teleconference): 33

** Approximate number of total people in audiences: 9,475

** National publications we appeared in: 19
(Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Commercial Property News, Sacramento Bee, Origination News, MortgagePro News, Franchising World, Scotsman Guide, Franchise Times, Lending Success, Restaurant Finance Monitor, Orlando Business Journal, Charlotte Business Journal, Minneapolis Business Journal, Florida Real Estate Journal, South Florida Real Estate Journal, Franchise Handbook, Hotel Business Review, Broker Universe)

** Number of trade shows/conferences/seminars we attended: 25

** Number of times one of our trade show booths got “lost” in route: 2

** Estimated number of books sold by the best-selling business authors I interview monthly on our Small Business Success Strategies Teleseminar Series™: 14.67 million (maybe it’s time you make one of your 2008 New Year’s Resolutions to be a part of these exclusive monthly interviews!)

** Estimated dollar amount Sean Filley lost in Las Vegas during the past year: $1,500

** Estimated dollar amount Adam Wonus WON in Las Vegas during the same timeframe: WITHHELD (he doesn’t want to reveal this figure just in case any “tax collector-types” [his words, not mine] read this newsmagazine — let’s just say he does VERY well and is always eager to go back to Vegas; Sean . . . not so much).

** Number of countries visited by MCC staff: 13 (Mexico, Nevis, Cayman Islands, Greece, Croatia, France, Malawi, Zambia, Belize, Italy, Costa Rica, Turkey, and the Bahamas )

** Approximate number of miles driven by Tony and Sean during the Fireball Run: 3,829

** Missing children found from the efforts of the Fireballers: 3

** Number of interns that worked for us this past year: 7

** Number of Geof Longstaff “facts” we’ve revealed this year: 70

** Number of “celebrity” voicemails sent out: 4 (Santa Claus, a Leprechaun, Tony Alto (cousin of Tony Soprano), Dr. Acula)

** Number of times we made fun of ourselves and didn’t take things too seriously (unlike everyone else in our industry): COUNTLESS

Again, we couldn’t have done all this without you, so THANKS! And have a very Happy Holiday season!


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