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Nothing SPOOKIER Than How Some People Feel About Money: My Recent Discussion with #1 Bestselling Author, Harv Eker and the FORBES 400
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Some people in our culture get so disgusted and hung-up over discussions of “wealth” and “getting rich.” It absolutely amazes me, and it’s really quite a shame. This, in spite of the fact that millions of books, CDs, magazines, newspapers and so on are sold each year portending to hold the “keys” to “getting wealthy.” This despite the billions upon billions of dollars the wealthy of this country give to charitable endeavors, big and small, annually. Ignorance of our economic history and the entrepreneurial capitalists that helped raise this country to greatness must be rampant… or perhaps too many of us just want to be “polite.” It’s as though, in our attempt to seem less crass and commercial, so many Americans live a private life secretly desiring this “knowledge,” yet hiding their thirst from others.

And don’t give me the Biblical knee-jerk reaction that some would – the Bible’s filled with BOTH positive AND negative commentary about wealth and riches. The “key” principle, of course, has always been WHAT YOU DO WITH IT – that you don’t have just a love of money or that it supersedes the role of God. See John 10:10, scan Deuteronomy, or reread the parable of the Talents – if these paragraphs have started to make you feel uncomfortable. I, personally, am not sure how we glorify Him by NOT seeking to be our absolute best or by NOT helping bring prosperity to others.

I hope none of this applies to you. If you’re reading this, chances are you aren’t “hung-up” about much at all – you can’t be – for the American economy rests on your big shoulders, and you’ve got to be decisive about things all day long, every day. Which is why you’ll probably enjoy the “Secrets” I’ll share in my next posting that I’ve gleaned from this recent “study” of wealthy Americans.

But let’s first agree: plenty of people want to be rich, but when the going gets tough, all they’re really looking for is another hand-out. Very few truly commit themselves to becoming successful and wealthy. By and large, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs commit – certainly some more than others – but they commit nonetheless. They have to – you can’t exactly fire yourself for being a poor boss, can you?!? When things go REALLY wrong, all you can do is look in the mirror and point your finger. That tends to create a radically different type of person than the norm. Bestselling business book author Harv Eker and I discussed these issues and many others late last month in our Small Business Success Strategies Teleseminar Series™.

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