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Miscellaneous or as Alex might say on Jeopardy, “Potpourri”
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By the way, I miss the old Saturday Night Live parodies with Daryl Hammond as Sean Connery making fun of Will Ferrell’s Alex Trebek and with such classic Celebrity Jeopardy categories as: Words that Rhyme with “Dog”; The Vowels; Movies that Start with the Word “Jaws”; Hot or Cold; Foods that End in “amburger”; and my favorite, Colors that End in “urple.”

Here are some miscellaneous updates on what we’ve been up to:

–Our updated website is nearly complete. Hallelujah!!! We’ve been covertly working on this project for the past few months. Slowly, but surely, changing the layout and the content, while adding audio content, video content, more testimonials, Google Maps, and much, much more. You could go there now ( or simply wait another month until we’re FINALLY finished with the upgrades. Your call . . . you could also visit it at least each month or weekly — probably a better idea, if I do say so myself.

–We’ve recently added 17 more ACE Correspondents to our ranks bringing our current total to 34 (this is 34 more people representing us “on the streets” than we’ve ever had previously). If you or someone you know is a mortgage professional and is ready to partner with us, then NOW is the time to contact us. It’s been a ROUGH year or so for those in the residential mortgage industry and more and more brokers are trying to get into commercial, but most are going about it in the WRONG way. Send us an email at: TODAY and put “ACE Candidate” in your subject line if you’re serious about doing something to change your business. We’ll send out a set of DVDs from a recent ACE Summit for you to review and decide if you’re right for our Program. We only have so many more areas to go before we have the country covered with our people and turf is completely locked-up. There are truly only so many we’ll let into our business with us. Are you one of them? Are you ready to reengineer your brokerage business?? Are you right for us???

–Lately, the media’s been referring to me as “America’s Top 504 Loan Expert.” I think that has a nice ring to it, so don’t be surprised if I start using it more next year. Still, that’s like being named the “World’s Tallest Midget,” or the “Biggest Building in Peoria” for that matter. Nice, but not quite the meaning I want it to have . . . just yet. I was also recently shocked to hear that the Orlando Business Journal named me one of their “Top Ten Most Influential Businessmen to Watch.” Shocked — because it came totally out of left-field — usually I’m vaguely aware of impending honors. Appreciative, but shocked. Found it interesting that 6 or 7 of my fellow 10 were second-generation “Influentials” — me, I wasn’t quite so “lucky,” but wouldn’t go back and change things even if I could.

–Just saw the newly released fiscal year-end numbers for our leading program, and wouldn’t you know it: our program is UP 15.44% over the past 3 fiscal years in number of loans and UP 23.6% in the same period in dollar volume. In the past 5 fiscal years, we’ve helped grow the 504 loan program nearly 100%! By comparison, the 7(a) loan program — that’s the one that’s given the Small Business Administration such a problematic reputation — is only up 3.8% in total loans over the 3 year period and actually DECREASED 6.2% in dollar volume! One program is DOWN over $900 million, while the other is up nearly $1.3 billion! WOW! That’s what happens when you look INTO the numbers and not just AT the record-breaking numbers — a lesson for many in the media, for sure. Maybe our efforts have begun to pay off with the marketplace becoming more educated about the BEST commercial loan program in America — hey, that would make quite a book title . . . an update and more on that later.

–I heard Hillary tell others last month in another so-called debate, “This pantsuit — it’s asbestos!” Interesting choice of words. Isn’t that the toxic substance that’s best left alone and causes people to DIE when it’s disturbed?!? (Interestingly, we search environmental databases on every commercial closing we do to make sure there isn’t any “radiating” asbestos . . . sounds like a good strategy to apply to candidates in political races, perhaps.) Maybe her handlers thought it would take people’s mind off her $5,000-for-every-child college program . . . otherwise known as the People’s University of the Truly Ridiculous and ever Increasing Dependency [on government programs] . . . otherwise known as PUTRID. Or maybe they just tried to replace the biggest foot-in-the-mouth political sound-bite of ALL TIME: “America can’t afford all of my ideas.” Ditto! I wish we’d get a leader to run for the White House with a business background instead of the frontrunners who hardly have a clue as to what it’s like to NOT live in public housing (Hillary and Rudy).

Sorry to almost end on a sour note . . . just know it’ll at least be 2009 before anybody can screw truly things up too much more! Have a WONDERFUL Holiday Season!!! Keep doing what you do BEST — keeping the economy humming along — and try to forget about the politicians for a while. You’re probably as worn out as I am by the two-year-long campaigning and preening. That compound in Costa Rica sounds more and more appealing every single day . . .


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