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Memorial Day Follow-Up
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Trey here. I’m Chris’ second-in-command in the marketing department here at Mercantile. Chris is out of town this week, spending some much-deserved time with his family, so I’ve decided to commandeer the blog while he’s not here.

You probably know by now that Chris has a second business, a barbershop franchise called Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club. With “All-American” in the name, it’s a given that he would find some unique way to celebrate Memorial Day earlier this week, which you also may have heard about if you follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

On Memorial Day this past Monday, Chris decided to close all eight of his Kennedy’s locations to Members and regular customers, and to only provide complimentary services to Military Personnel (active and retired) as well as First Responders (Police, Firefighters, EMTs, etc.). Even though regular customers couldn’t get a shave or a haircut, they were invited to stop by and greet our modern-day heroes — the people who have fought and continue fighting for the freedoms we enjoy.

Chris didn’t really want to talk about all of this here on this blog, but I think it deserves to be mentioned, especially after the brilliant Memorial Day history lesson he gave last Friday. Others thought so, too — his Delray Beach Kennedy’s Club was featured on News Channel 5 in South Florida and lots of people wrote in to applaud the gesture.

Here’s the video clip from News Channel 5, and a selection of comments from others are below it:

Chris, thanks a lot for your letter. I’m a highly-decorated WWII veteran from Merrill’s Marauders and served in Burma. My favorite medals include the Burma Star, the Bronze Star, the China Star, and a citation from President Roosevelt. Nobody has ever said “thanks” to me for my service, and I don’t expect it, but if I had known back then what the country was coming to, I probably wouldn’t have volunteered for all the missions I did. – Marty

Thanks so much for helping out our heroic veterans! I will be out of town for a week with my family as the kids are out of school, but wish you all the best! – Todd

Chris, I am the President of USO New England and as a concerned and thankful citizen, I thank you for all you’re doing for our great American service men and women! – John

Chris, great idea for Memorial Day. Thanks for doing something to acknowledge our local heroes. – Randy

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful idea! Many thanks. – Mary Beth

Hey Chris, classy move. Best wishes. – Al

Thank you for what you are doing for the folks who keep us safe. I’ll be happy to pass along the information. – Colin

Thank you Chris, from a retired serviceman. – Louis

Chris, I don’t know how I received your message but I’m glad I did. As a former Marine, I want to thank you for your recognition of local Veterans. Keep up the good work. Semper Fi! – Mike

Nice touch. I’ll try to be there. Thanks! – Dan

EXCELLENT! This is wonderful! – Charles

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