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There’s a chance you’ve heard by now, but I don’t like leaving things to chance. I figure an official blog post about our name change will ensure that you and everyone else has the chance to read the details.

I’m proud to announce that effective April 1st, 2009, Mercantile Commercial Capital, LLC changed its name to Mercantile Capital Corporation. We’d appreciate it if you’d take just a second to update your records to reflect our new identity. We value the opportunity to do business with you and those you know, and look forward to our continued association.

In other news, we were featured in a story on about how several businesses got the cash they needed for their entrepreneurial endeavors. The article tells the story of one of our Clients – – Lake Powell Furniture – – and how we helped owner Kip Bennett finance his new showroom. Also, mentioned us in their Daily Newscast this morning. You can go here to see the entire clip – – our blurb begins at 1:40 and ends about 2:32.

Don’t forget: we ARE still lending, and RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to purchase commercial property. If you’re not convinced, call me at 1-866-622-4504, email me at or simply leave me a comment below. I would love the chance to talk with you one-on-one about the opportunities that exist for smart, forward-thinking business owners. The government-guaranteed portion of our loans (nearly 45% of the loan amount) just reached an all-time low of 5.25% fixed for 20 years! Our SmartChoice commercial loans have many advantages over ordinary bank financing (if you can find a bank who’s actually still lending, that is).


  1. Ron Aguilar says:

    I like the name change. Droping the LLC at the end of the name is better.

  2. David Lively says:

    I have a client in the moving, storage and office set-up business for 9 years here in Virginia.
    He is growing and needs a warehouse with a couple of offices. About 20,000 sq ft. I have several realtors on the lookout for him.
    His scores are good and he has about $70K in cash on hand for the purchase.

    I familiar with the 504 program by scouring your website and blog.
    Is there anything I need to be on the lookout for when he finds the right property?

    Dave Lively
    Corporate Funding & Insurance Services
    757 285-6158

  3. Miles Rusth says:

    I still get your emails & newsletters. You’re a fantastic marketer & I’m happy to hear all is well with your company. I’m certain it hasn’t been easy. I will never have an issue referring my commercial 504 potential borrowers to your company.

    The last newsletter/mini-mag article you published regarding the pull-back from your company becoming a Bank was very good. I read it a few times. As a Mortgage Bank we’re feeling sharp & immediate increases in our leverage to equity right at the time when we’re seeing a huge influx of refinance business. Regardless, we still keep our 16mil lines up & running and we feel fortunate.

    We’ve been approached by two Banks for merging and we have not weighed out any options. We also investigated the start-up process with an accounting firm recently and it looks like the FDIC is truly putting the kibosh on that right now.

    Regardless, great job out there Chris & I hope our paths cross again.

  4. Ann Hutchens says:

    Chris, thanks for keeping us in the loop. I like the name change, too as it briefly reflects what you are about.
    I am still a novice at for-profit and am reading Michael Gerber’s EMyth Mastery as we are moving through the next stage of our business.
    Looking forward to the meeting on the 28th and becoming more education.
    Best always,

  5. Bryan Purvis says:

    Ah America, where everyone is a Facebook, Twitter, or UTube star

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