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An Open Letter to Maria Contreras-Sweet
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An Open Letter to Maria-Contreras-Sweet

Last July, speculation swirled about who the next SBA Administrator might be. It had been five months since Karen Mills announced that she would step down, and we were all starting to wonder about the future of the post and the agency. I joined the conversation, though not to guess who the nominee might be — instead I put forth a list of qualities the next SBA Administrator should possess and embody. Now that President Obama has nominated Maria Contreras-Sweet, I have a few suggestions for her to consider.

My latest blog for The Huffington Post is an open letter to Ms. Contreras-Sweet. It’s a wishlist of sorts, with just three things that have the potential to provide huge amounts of help for small business owners are struggling to grow and create the jobs that our economy needs. You can read the whole thing here.

If you have any thoughts to add — about what I’ve written or ideas you get while reading my column — you can leave them below this post in the comments section, but would be great if you’d also leave a comment on the Huffington Post page, too. I hope this conversation can reach a broader audience on The Huffington Post than I can with just this blog.

Thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts, and sharing this with others.



  1. Doug says:

    Chris; I enjoyed your letter very much, well written. We all know you can drift..lol

  2. Michael Sabler says:

    Great letter which I hope meets the eyes of the new Administrator. Let’s keep fighting the good fight from all sides.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Michael!

  3. Henry A (Bud) Violet Ocean State BDA says:

    I always enjoy reading your publications and comments to improve our 504 program. In your letter to the new Administrator, you are so correct on needed changes to
    assist the small businss community. Now if we can get
    SBA Sacramento to discontinue nitpicking and underwriting our loans by possibly newly hired neophytes at SBA, we would all be better off.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      I like your suggestions, Bud. :)

  4. Steven White says:

    I just finished reading your open letter to the new SBA head, Maria Contreras-Sweet. Your letter is the single best summation of the exigent need for the reinstatement of the 504 refinance program I have seen to date. Thank you for your words. May God bless your request and may it be granted. Your fan, Steve White

  5. John F. Krug says:

    Very well put. This is clearly a program with benefits that bureaucrats and politicians alike should be able to grasp, step up and make a difference.

  6. Mike Giles says:

    Great suggestions Chris! Hopefully the 504’s track record of success and some plain, simple logic will prevail, so Congress can reinstate the refi program. It has tremendous potential to invigorate the Small Business sector (a.k.a. “The Backbone of our Economy”). It really is a no-brainer. Keep fighting the good fight!
    Mike Giles, Boston, MA

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