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SmartChoice Commercial Loan Calculator: iOS7 Update
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iOS 7 Update...

When we launched our first smartphone app last year, we got a lot of great feedback. Our design team did a wonderful job building our SmartChoice Commercial Loan Calculator, and the result was a helpful tool for small business owners and their advisors (commercial real estate brokers, commercial mortgage brokers, etc.). With just a couple pieces of information and a few taps on your phone, anyone could get real-time interest rate quotes along with estimates of the down payment and monthly payments required for any given small business commercial real estate project (acquisition or construction). Our app even lets you compare our smarter financing to ordinary bank financing so you can see for yourself which is the best option for you.

Well, all that went out the window when Apple released iOS7 for the iPhone and iPad. It became impossible to input numbers to perform the calculation and our app became nearly useless for a little while (nearly, because you could still read blog posts and get other helpful information about our financing through the app).

I have good news to report today, however: our app has now been updated to play nice with iOS7.

If you haven’t updated the app yet, you should do that right away and make sure it works for you (we tested it thoroughly, but I never fully trust technology to work right all the time these days). Or if you deleted it from your phone previously, reinstall it and give it another go. I’ve found that apps like ours may not be useful every day (though it is likely), but they’re really helpful to have when the need arises.

If you’ve never downloaded and used our SmartChoice Commercial Loan Calculator, you can do that today for free. No up-front or in-app charges whatsoever. Please share this with others who’ll find it helpful, and I’d appreciate it if you’d review it on the App Store.

Thanks for reading, downloading, and sharing. Is our app helpful? What other features would you like to see us add? Let me know in the comments section below.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Thanks for your patience. We’ve  been really busy lately (a good thing, especially for our small business clients) and repairing our app took a little longer than we hoped.

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