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Video of My Recent Senate Testimony…
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It took a little longer than expected, but we finally have the video of my testimony before the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship on March 29th. Believe it or not, I’ve taken a lot of heat for what I said at this Senate Hearing two weeks ago. Some of my comments have been taken out of context, and some folks have fabricated things I never said (or even implied). So, before I’m bombarded with any more criticism for what I said (or didn’t say), I invite you to watch the video for yourself and see what really happened:

As I mentioned in my last blog post, since I was given a very short window to deliver my testimony verbally, I submitted a written testimony that gives greater detail about the recommendations I made to the Senate Committee. If you have questions or concerns about anything I said in the video, or if you just like to have ALL the details (and then some), you can read my full written testimony here.

Also, if you’re a glutton for punishment and would like to watch the FULL Senate Hearing (it’s just under two hours), you can do that here.

So…now that you’ve heard my verbal testimony (for the second time, if you saw it live) and had the chance to read my full written testimony, what do you think about my recommendations for the Senate Committee and the 504 industry? Let me know by leaving a comment below or emailing me at ChrisHurn@MercantileCC.com. And thanks for hearing me out. As you can probably see (and read), I want nothing more than to strengthen and stabilize the SBA 504 loan program so we (and others) can continue using it to help America’s small businesses build wealth. I believe there hasn’t been a better tool to do this, and small businesses deserve this advocacy.


P.S. In case you haven’t heard, we’re having a record year so far. What does that mean for you and other small business owners? It IS POSSIBLE to get financing for owner-occupied commercial real estate projects! I know that lending hasn’t picked up drastically in all parts of the economy, but we’re helping more small business owners every day. If you or someone you know is interested in owning their commercial property, call me at 1-866-622-4504 or email me at ChrisHurn@MercantileCC.com TODAY!

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  1. Teresa Cowles says:

    What happened? What portions of the legislation were actually enacted? Thanks.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks for your email, Teresa. Nothing in the JOBS Act that was signed into law last week by the president relates to us in the 504 industry. Sorry. Will let you know when/if we get 504 refi and FMLP extended.

  2. Stephen Snyder says:

    I read in THE WEEK that the president signed some big deal bill for small businesses. any idea what that is?

    • Chris Hurn says:

      That was the JOBS Act which allows crowdsourcing as a means to raise capital; raised the number of shareholders for certain SEC filings from 500 to 2,000; and a few other “things”.

  3. GE Preshool says:

    I received your email and will view the footage, I want to say this don’t worry bro, and always speak from the heart. With change come heat and criticism your were built to handle what ever comes your way. Always remember God won’t put more on us than we can bare. Your being here proves that your weight is heavy but is not enough to take you out. You were destine to be where you are this is not a mistake. Bless!

    • Chris Hurn says:

      That’s very kind of you. Thank you.

  4. Marc White says:

    Chris – great testimony…you didn’t look a bit nervous :) Were you? I’m glad you’re on the side on small biz and not a senator!

  5. Frank Migliore says:

    We support you.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thank you, Frank.

  6. Cary Berman says:

    Great presentation and representation.

    Thanks Chris.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Cary. I appreciate the comments.

  7. Joann Erickson says:

    Its great that you spoke up , but the Gov does what it wants when it wants until we the people have had enough. There are to many point less branches of the Gov!! Why should we the people keep helping banks with loans that they approved as a small business owner if i make a investment and it doesnt pay out to me then it is my loss short of a tax brake but that will not give me all of my investment back, why is our Gov. backing loans for land and or housing!!!!!

  8. Ray Angeles says:


  9. Jon Keel says:

    Nice job, Chris. Very impressive.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      Thanks, Jon.

  10. Chris Hurn says:

    Thanks, Ray.

  11. Simran Puneet Singh says:

    Hi Chris. I have been a supporter of Obama for America ever since the last elections in 2008.
    I started supporting the ideas of President Obama among-est all my friends and relatives across America even before I got my immigration to the United States.

    Ever Since I migrated to the US ,I have been struggling to get a job.I never approached any one in Obama for America for getting a job. I am an automobile engineer and was into signs business in New Delhi,India for almost 19.5 years.

    Now after 19.5 months,in the US,I am requesting you to help me,in getting a loan for a small business.I want to open a High-brid Limousine company in the Seattle area.I need to purchase a High-brid SUV. This is again to promote the president’s Green-Fuel policy and for me & my family’s living.

    I would request the President to allow only high-brid Taxi’s and Limousine’s on all the Airports of the country.

    The President, should get this done at the earliest before the next elections.This will help towards the goal of having a self reliant Green-Fuel revolution in the United States.

    Need your urgent help. Thanks & Regards.

    • Chris Hurn says:

      I’m sorry, Simran, but I don’t have that type of “access” to the President and frankly, don’t support the green-energy “hand-outs” he’s been giving out (and in many cases, washing down the drain) to much larger companies. A loan of this size would probably be too small for us and wouldn’t be eligible with the program we specialize in, anyway. I don’t necessarily disagree with your public policy suggestion about taxis and limos at airports running on alternative fuels, but we have plenty of natural gas (and have the precedent of many city buses running on this currently) and other fuels that could do this right now. I’m not sure a government “mandate” is necessary or wise for this. He’s democratically elected, not a dictator, so it takes the “buy-in” of others besides just himself. I wish you all the best.

  12. Shashi says:

    Good video, thanks.

  13. Peter Sandoval says:

    Congratulation that was very good speech ,I have a question for you I’m a Real state investor with 20 years experience in the Real state business and right now is a great opportunity for us to buy
    houses and fix them we can make a lot of money by doing this since we do our own work,in general construction,but the problem is capital ,Banks are doing a lot of reed type and not to many loans,and
    I don’t see why not since we get the short sales or forcloser, we fix the properties we rent them the Bank has the title of the property that was very low value when we bought them and after we fix them in last than 30 days the value of those properties go up about 40% or more.if we get the capital the Bank make money and we make money and help we the economy at the same time,this is the help we need ,with out to much reed type.

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