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How to Tell Better Stories (and Win Friends and Influence People)
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If you’re like me, you’ll be around friends and family a lot over the next several weeks. I’m big on telling stories — I like to entertain the people around me and (I’ll admit) I like to be the center of attention.

I learned a trick a little while back that makes stories and jokes much more effective, and I’ll share it with you. I discovered it watching The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno.

A Little Background Goes a Long Way

Jay begins every show with a monologue where he takes shots at people in the news and current events. What makes him so effective is that he provides a frame of reference for each and every joke he tells.

Here’s what I mean: he doesn’t tell a joke hoping that everyone will know what he knows and think how he thinks. He sets up each joke and story with background info that isn’t exactly necessary to the punchline, but IS essential to everyone understanding what he wants them to understand.

This is an extremely valuable tip if you want to entertain friends and family this Holiday Season . . . but it applies to business, too. I’ve written about it before, so you may know where I’m going with this.

The Best Service Always Comes From Those Who Truly Understand You . . . Who Have “Walked a Mile in Your Shoes” …

My company provides “Smarter” commercial real estate financing for owners of small and mid-size businesses. I know it’s “Smarter,” and I know what’s best for my Clients, because I am one of them. I’m running a small business, too, so I face the same daily struggles they face. I also own a piece of a company that purchased its commercial property a short while ago, so I even went through the financing process first-hand . . . and we chose the same loan program we’ve become the nationwide Experts at providing.

We’ve “Been There” and “Done That” — You Can Expect the Best Lending Experience in the Commercial Mortgage Industry When You Work With the Experts.

You see, I have a frame of reference that other ordinary lenders don’t have, and that makes all the difference. After all, purchasing commercial real estate IS one of the biggest decisions many business owners will ever make . . . and it has a HUGE effect on how a business grows. (By the way, there’s a lot more to it than just getting a low interest rate . . . or, as we like to call it: “the lowest common denominator.”)

So, when you or someone you know wants to purchase commercial property, call me right away. Helping business owners make Smarter decisions is what my team and I do, day-in and day-out. Let me know what I (and my frame of reference) can do for you.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!


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