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Happy Halloween from the SBA 504 Experts
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If you haven’t figured out by now that the MCC Family is a fun bunch of people, you must be new to this blog and/or our marketing. We play just as hard as we work (and our Clients can tell you just how hard we work!). Here’s a picture of our crew in costume earlier today:]

(To see more photos from our day of Halloween fun go to our Flickr page)

Later on, we’re doing a “family potluck” and then we’ll have all our kids come by for some trick-or-treating. Halloween’s a fun time for us, and I wanted to share it with you. If you have any fun Halloween traditions or stories, please share.

Wishing you a fun and safe Halloween,


P.S. While you may see a lot of “play” out of us – – Halloween costumes, funny TV shows and outtakes, etc. – – we really do work awfully hard. You can ask any of our hundreds of satisfied Clients. Seriously . . . look them up and give them a call. Or just call us at 1-866-622-4504 and learn for yourself why we’re the Experts at providing Smarter Financing for owner-occupied commercial real estate.

P.P.S. Here’s who we are today (left to right):
Will – Tickle-Him-Elmo
Nate – Hunter S. Thompson (famous writer, Google him)
Ken – Zombie
Tim – Paintballer
Sean – Russian Driver from WWII (you have to look hard for him)
Nikos – Panathinaikos Hooligan (or terrorist, not sure)
Tammy – Wicked Witch
Yelena – Bumble Bee Girl (from that Blind Melon song?)
Trey – Jason (Varitek, Boston Red Sox catcher and captain)
Natasha – 1950’s “Glamour” Chick
Angela – Cleopatra
Chris – Henry VIII (still on wife #1)
Dawn – Jailbird (NOT for SBA loan fraud, we assure you)
Jacki – Wad of Bubblegum
Katie – Hot Dog
Adam – Roger Sterling (from Mad Men)
Melissa – Hippie Chick
Not Pictured: Geof, Tony Shannon, Dwayne, Robin, Jon, Monica, Dan, and Warren — all of whom are out of the office traveling, or are just boring party-poopers.

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  1. Braudis Lee Pegram says:

    Yes, I’ve always known that you guys play hard Chris: I saw the Mardi Gras videos! Happy Halloween to you, family and corporate “family”. And I hope Monica is NOT out of the office travelling, but working on my loan.

  2. Chris Hurn says:

    Thank you for your wishes. Monica is working on your loan, all the way from Toronto, where she is for the SIOR Fall Conference.

  3. Dusty - The DreamWaker! says:

    Wow! Chris and ‘family’ – you guys always make working there FUNtastic. I wouldn’t even call it work – it seems more like a Mission for you guys.
    Your byline could be
    “Passionately and Exuberantly Striving for You!”
    You guys are an example of what ‘work’ should be like. Keep it UP!
    Warmly, Dusty *-*

  4. Scott Frizzell says:

    Great picture! Have a happy and safe Halloween.

  5. Tina Bielefeldt says:


    I have watched some videos and you definitely look like a fun group! My business partner says thanks for the t-shirt. It is awesome!

  6. Ray Bedolla says:

    Thanks Chris, in the meantime lets laugh & have fun before Thanksgiving gets here!

  7. Jack Aal says:

    Thank you Chris.
    Your correct, you do have great fun . . .

    Enjoy trick or treats . . .

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