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Part of my first article from our new column in the OBJ I thought might be helpful to share . . .

Welcome to the debut post of my fortnightly or bi-weekly column. I’ve been writing a blog for nearly six months (feel free to visit:, but decided to write this column in an attempt to disseminate information to a wider audience on the subjects of financing, commercial real estate and business success in general. It’s primarily addressed to business owners of small and mid-sized operations – the backbone of our country and our economy.

I’ll endeavor to keep this piece fresh, informative, personal and blatantly straight-forward if you’ll continue to visit it every two weeks or so. That’ll be our “New Year’s Agreement.” After you read the front-page headlines and the business gossip blurbs on the inside cover and back page, flip through until you find this column. I will promise to keep it decidedly different and hold your interest for 400 words or so.

So Let’s Begin . . .

You’re probably reading this piece during the Holidays, quite possibly from a large stack of reading materials piling up for some time. I’ll presume that’s the case as we delve into the topic of “year-end reflections.” It’s difficult to write at the end of 2006 and not reflect upon the past 364 days. True, it’s been a rather remarkable year for our company, but to gush about it here is an exercise in self-aggrandizement that I’m not in the mood for (you can always visit our website at to read more about us there). No, I thought I’d try NOT to reflect on the past, but to focus on what should concern us more: what’s in store for 2007.

I don’t think enough businesspeople set realistic goals annually and then follow them through to completion. Sure, we all seem to make New Year’s Resolutions, but how many have we abandoned come March? With that in mind, I’m giving you one more gift this holiday season . . . a very helpful and FREE web-based tool from my good friend, Dave Dickson, in Tampa. Dave’s the owner of 21 franchised auto repair shops (Ice Cold Air) and the website: > My strong suggestion, if you’re not usually still working on or accomplishing New Year’s Resolutions in July: make time to visit Dave’s site soon and seriously work on your goals for 2007. You’ll be less successful and sorry if you DON’T! Also, don’t forget to write them down, include all areas of your life (health, relationships, spiritual, career and financial), use the present tense, plan incremental steps, set dates, and visualize them occurring.

To Our Best Year Ever,


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