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Capacity | The Five Cs of Small Business Real Estate Financing…
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Capacity | The Five Cs of Credit

Here’s the second in my series of videos about The Five Cs of Credit. This week we’re talking about Capacity, and I’m going to give a simple explanation of what that means from a commercial lender’s perspective. Not only that, but one of our clients had an appearance on Modern Family (one of the better shows on network TV these days, in my opinion). Take a look…

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know if this is helpful for you or your small business clients, and if anything I said was unclear. Leave a comment below or email me at ChrisHurn@MercantileCC.com. Or you can call 1-866-622-4504 — I’m in and out of the office these days, but my team of experts is more than capable of getting you the information you need. For bonus points, let me know if there are other shows on network television that are worth watching. I’m willing to bet there aren’t more than three.

Until next time!

– Chris

P.S. Look at our things on Instagram! You can connect with me personally (instagram.com/churn504) and with our company account (instagram.com/504experts). I know: how interesting could a commercial lender’s Instagram feed be? Don’t forget that people have actually referred to us as the “fun bankers”…

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