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Better Than Angry Birds…
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I’m proud to announce that we’ll soon be launching our first iPhone app! While it may not be quite as amusing as Angry Birds, I think you’ll find it MUCH more useful.

The primary function of our app is a loan calculator for owner-occupied commercial real estate. I know there are already a few 504 loan calculator apps out there, but ours will be very different and (we believe) much more helpful. In addition to doing the loan calculation, our app will provide loan comparisons, allow you to save the results, and also have direct access to additional resources. Our goal is to give you (that’s right — no charge) a tool that will help you show your Clients how affordable a particular property and loan really are for them.

The SBA 504 Loan Aoolication for iPhone

Our app won’t officially launch until January, but we’re looking for Beta Testers right now. If you have an iPhone (3G, 3Gs, 4, or 4S) and would like to get your hands on our new app in the first round of testing, here’s what you need to do:

First, download the Ad Hoc Helper app from the iTunes App Store. The sole function of this app is to email us your iPhone’s UDID (unique device identifier). We need this before we can send you the beta version of the app.

When you open the Ad Hoc Helper app, it will automatically create an email with the information we need. Just send that email to The first 50 early-adopters to do this will be included in our first round of beta testing, so you can get your hands on this before anyone else (and provide us any valuable feedback you might have).

Thanks in advance for your help with this!

Dedicated to Your Continued Success,



Christopher G. Hurn,
CEO & Cofounder
Mercantile Capital Corporation

P.S. Do you already have one of the other 504 loan calculator apps floating around out there? Be the first to find out how ours is different (better, if I may be so bold) by being one of our Beta Testers!

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  1. Li Read says:

    Well done, you!

  2. Godswill Akpabio says:

    You are right, it’s not as fun as Angry Birds but definitely more useful. Great job.

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