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Angels & Demons opens tonight, but what does that have to do with MCC?
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I’m predicting that the new Dan Brown novel-now-movie starring Tom Hanks opening tonight will knock Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine off the box office top pedestal. Why do I think this, and what does it matter to you?

Nearly three years ago to the day, Dan’s first story, The Da Vinci Code, was spoofed by our marketing team in a series of postcards. In our revised story, I searched all over Europe (following the same trail Robert Langdon did in the movie) trying to find the secrets of smarter small business financing and wealth creation . . . the 504 Code.

It was our most popular marketing campaign ever, and we’ve posted the series on our website so you can retrace my steps. Just go to I think you’ll get a kick out of these.

If you go out to see the movie tonight, I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you have a great weekend.

– Chris

P.S. You’ll see a photo of our staff on the final postcard in the series, but we’ve done a little growing since the 504 Code marketing campaign. We’ve actually doubled in size, which is evidence of our continued commitment to provide Smarter financing for our Clients’ commercial property purchases. I feel like a broken record sometimes, but it’s so important and I just can’t help myself: WE’RE STILL LENDING. So many other lenders simply aren’t these days, and I want you to remember us when you, your Clients or anyone else you know decides to make a smart investment in their commercial property. Just let me know how we can help — call 1-866-622-4504, email or visit


  1. Ann Hutchens says:

    I love your connecting current culture with your business, Chris…a great teaching model for me.
    BTW, I’ve written my first blog. Check us out at

  2. JR says:

    Hello, Craig. I read your article in Scotsman Guide from 2008 on Special Use properties and wondering if you could finance this type of project or point me to someone that could?
    It is a bar/restaurant in AZ. Owner also owns 10,000 sq ft building and land as well upon which the business runs. Needs competitive loan to pay off current private loan.
    Let me know.

  3. Fay says:

    I really like this blog good job.

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