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A Special Tax Day Message from the SBA 504 Experts…
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Tax Day isn’t something most people look forward to. Even though many business owners and entrepreneurs will only file extensions by today’s deadline, it’s a reminder of how much of our hard-earned income is eroded by taxes. The Tax Foundation has determined that April 9th was Tax Freedom Day this year — we Americans had to work 99 days before we earned enough money to pay this year’s national tax obligations (income tax plus the entire plethora of other taxes). It also announced that we’ll pay more taxes in 2010 than we’ll spend on food, clothing and shelter combined (sorry that’s so depressing). Unfortunately, there’s no legal way around paying taxes and I’m as frustrated as you surely are by how many taxes we really pay for and how little our “return on investment” seems to be . . . so I have to ask you: what exactly are you doing to create wealth for yourself — to offset Uncle Sam’s take?

Think about it: taxes won’t be going down anytime soon (unless things radically change in the coming elections . . . and our elected representatives start to understand the Laffer Curve), so maybe you should take some steps to build your net worth NOW. One of the best ways for business owners to create wealth for themselves quickly and easily is by owning their commercial property. Property values have decreased significantly since the Panic started in late 2008, and interest rates have remained incredibly low.

This means it’s very possible (and very simple) for smart, entrepreneurial business owners to make the move from renting to owning . . . or to expand and get ready to capitalize on the recovery that’s in the works (I really DO believe this is occurring . . . there’s simply too much capital that’s been “released” by the Fed for it not to) . . . and set themselves up for long-term financial stability. If you or your small business friends and/or Clients want to (and ought to) own their commercial property, then you ought to call me at 1-866-MCC-4-504 or email me at so we talk right away.

And don’t let the news reports about the commercial lending industry being “frozen” stop you or your Clients from making the important switch from renting to owning. You just need to have the Right lending partner on your side. I’m ready to work with you, your friends, and your Clients to provide the commercial property financing they need and deserve. If you have any questions whatsoever about Smarter Commercial Property Ownership, please don’t hesitate to call me at 1-866-MCC-4-504 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you and working with you real soon. And now that I’ve given you a few factoids about Tax Day, don’t forget to file your return or your extension . . . now, back to work recovering our economy!

Dedicated to Your Continued Success,


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One Comment

  1. Gail G Ferenc says:

    Great letter!

    Please keep me in mind if any of your clients call you and they need a broker to find them a commercial property – and/or appeal their real estate taxes! (I’m in the Tampa Bay area – but can deal all over Florida).

    I’ll keep you in mind for financing! Thanks!

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